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The public to re evaluate the supplier to take multiple sourcing strategy of Volkswagen CEO Mathias · Muller (click to view the latest figures News) (Matthias Mueller) will re evaluate and adjust procurement strategy of supplier’s, to avoid the occurrence of the incident two subsidiaries of labor dispute is similar to Prevent’s Group, which last thedisruption this month in Germany ten the factory is home to six of the affected, lead to decline in production and production. Muller said the two subsidiary Bohemian parts manufacturer Prevent Group’s due to contract disputes led to its supply interruption, factories are affected, to the public a lesson. After the public will re evaluate the contract, will no longer rely on a vendor, the occurrence of similar incidents. He told reporters this week: "of course, we will focus on sourcing, single source procurement and other issues. We will review the purchase contract carefully and try to negotiate with all suppliers on the relevant issues." Car manufacturers are generally trying to avoid excessive reliance on a vendor and seeking to establish cooperation relations, even if it costs rose slightly. According to reports, the public last week agreed to pay Prevent group 13 million euros ($14 million 700 thousand) as compensation, the impasse in the negotiations to end a period of six days, the events leading to the Volkswagen Golf (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Passat (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) production in germany. Since 2008 after the global economic crisis, the major automobile manufacturers will spare parts development and manufacturing outsourcing, save cash and meet the electric vehicles, intelligent mobile phone – compatible car infotainment systems and automatic driving technology demand. So it is more difficult to achieve multi sourcing. The controversy over the Prevent group highlights the risk of relying on a single manufacturer to produce a large number of components, and in today’s increasingly tight supply chain industry, this situation becomes difficult to avoid. In the context of China’s slowing growth and rising investment costs to meet stringent emission standards, the relationship between manufacturers and suppliers has become more strained as both sides want to ensure their profits. Last week’s mass dispute with the Prevent group was not common. Many vendors want to ensure that the negotiations to resolve the issue of smooth. According to the German business reported that Volkswagen insiders will upgrade the conflict due to the Prevent group management personnel changes. Citibank analyst at Michael in London, Tyndall said in a recent note to investors, said: "it can be said that the current supplier is profitable to the industry in a better direction." He said: "but the contract cancellation may become more frequent, as car manufacturers began to cut vehicle product line, and will invest to the electrification transformation of the company, I think there will soon be more similar to the dispute."相关的主题文章: