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Heroically tragic! Messi C Ronaldo Neymar common hero tears of today’s football three lone hero sina sports news local time on June 26, 2016, Messi stood on the spot before taking a deep breath. Is the final, but also the penalty shootout, chile. Messi glanced at Bravo, the mind is all gold a year ago cajianerguo. Time seems to stall. Messi started up, shot! The fans exclaimed, behind an arc from across the net, above the lens, with plum background blurred together on the pitch…… In a flash, Messi’s eyes, the whole world is blank, his brain stopped running. Through screen just restored color, Chile celebrates uproar like billows, ruthlessly smashed over to Messi. At this time only belongs to the losers in the corner, the last bit of energy, is exhausted with plum number one clenched fist, tongue tightly against the palate, but what he had done, failed to stop the tears down. A rare scene: Messi tears in court when the lights all over the world have focused on whether Messi led the Pampas Eagle soar, the fate he opened with an overly cruel joke: Messi not only failed to lead Argentina to win, but the whole team "sinner". But Messi the desperate, perhaps alone in the dark feelings, his Barcelona teammate Neymar and the other side of the globe C Ronaldo, can best understand. This is the status quo of the top three of last year’s golden ball: one person alone, to support the whole team. The lack of strength to match the players help grief, they can only walk alone in the front, dare not relax, also dare not stay. 2014 Brazil local world cup, the samba fans, is a nightmare. The eye-catching performance of Neymar in the semi-finals battle opponents kicked only two cm on the lumbar spine, to rely on a wheelchair for life. This is Neymar’s first World Cup, so this should not be a sad story. That is the moment, the fate of Brazil has changed. No Neymar was the Selecao Germanic chariot unilaterally slaughtered, rolling injured all over the body, no defense defence front, completely occupied. Originally claimed to be in the mainland to win the five-star Brazil, finally in a desperate way, permanently wrote a chapter of shame. Neymar in a press conference a few tears to turn back now. After the world cup fiasco, C Ronaldo finally able to prove himself in the European cup. But the Portuguese champions are worthy of the name, people all see in the eyes, they can only sigh of good luck. Group phase Portugal is controversial, outside pulling C Luo N shot without a goal, make a fuss. C Luo also just sigh, silently bear all the blame. Indeed, it is his responsibility to play badly, and who else can Portugal rely on? Is not reliable "good brothers" Quaresma? Or veteran Nani? In this way, the team can not even for the C Luo pan people are not. But behind the question, and how many people know that C Luo to fight all these shots? The side of the team did not feed cake strength, C Luo can only grab again and again相关的主题文章: