Tianjin zoo joy do not think Shu big chew bamboo moon cake-mine_清翼

Tianjin zoo "joy" Si Shu chewing "bamboo moon cake Mid Autumn Festival, Tianjin city zoo" exile "Panda" joy ", also have a special moon cake of their own, a solution of homesickness. Last October, just over 2 years old Panda "joy", from Sichuan to Ya’an Bifengxia from afar, to become the new owner of the Tianjin zoo panda. Under the careful cultivation of the staff, the panda joy now fully adapted to life in Tianjin. August of this year, fifteen, is the "joy" in Tianjin spent the first mid autumn festival. The staff specially for it to make delicious moon cakes, so that it can feel the joy of the festival. Early in the morning yesterday, the master of the animal canteen busy, will be prepared in advance, moon cake raw materials and models to take out, and noodle production. Pandas eat not ordinary moon cake, but exclusive moon cake, can be said to be private custom". Yellow bean flour, corn flour, rice flour, bamboo powder, sugar, salt, egg and other raw materials, even calcium phosphate. "Is the staple food raw materials special buns on weekdays, nutrition is very rich." Staff said that the Mid Autumn Festival moon cake to do for animals, but also to allow animals to feel a sense of novelty, eat the same shape of the food will always find it fun, made moon cake shape, you can increase the richness of their food. So what is the panda’s moon cake stuffing? The master smiled and secret, is the bamboo flour paste, bamboo will be rolled into small pieces of bags do fillings. Do the moon cake on the steamer steamed for 1.5 hours, hot tasty fresh baked cakes. To put a few fruit, carrot placed into other assorted cold dishes and then plug, fresh bamboo leaves, moon cakes are carefully arranged in the panda room. See the moon cake, "joy" even a few beautiful leaped came to the moon cake, sat down, the favorite fruit and other delicious here, then two claws holding cakes with relish eating up, not a few cakes into the belly. Pandas eat moon cakes, no longer homesick!" "Joy" Meng eat adorable over the crowd of tourists, also attract a lot of people stop for a long time. Look at the "joy", even expensive for the "national treasure", are now completely ignored and greedy image, Xixi tongue, after eating moon cake residue has been licking the ground, really a bit reluctant to leave.相关的主题文章: