Yiwu guy to spend more than 20 thousand to build a F1 car that you want to do a Maybach (Figure)-巴雷特m82a1

Yiwu guy handmade flower more than 20 thousand F1 racing says to want to do a Maybach (Figure) Yiwu small handmade flower more than 20 thousand F1 racing Yiwu guy handmade flower more than 20 thousand F1 car in Yiwu there is a guy with a hand built F1 racing, the news recently maxed out the circle of friends, many people also specially come to see. The car look, some people even willing to pay for it. Yesterday, the evening news reporter went to the village of Yiwu Jiangdong Street Bailian asked the young man, an old roadside rest admiring a guy, "the brain is very good, even the car made out." The elderly also take the initiative to bring the reporter found the guy’s car. Here, the reporter saw the legendary F1 formula car. His car appeared on the network after the people often see him for a fresh guy named Lin cars less for the more than and 30 year old, but he is not at home, only his wife in. Yiwu guy spend more than 20 thousand handmade F1 racing his home is a half – and a half of the farmers in the room, there is a small courtyard in the middle of the 3. The middle of the yard, an ordinary car three car length of the car some old cloth covered, showing only four wheels. "This is what my husband made." She was embarrassed to say. Who drove the old cloth, the car appeared in front of a weld on the body, and iron beat mark. In recent days, more than a little rain, the body is rusty, only in the rear part of the spray paint some. Compared with the body, the four sturdy wheels are particularly eye-catching. Seeing him will not come back, the reporter had to contact him on the phone. Originally, a few days ago, Lin less for himself just made good car pulled to the road test car, the maximum speed can run up to 60 kilometers, has caused a sensation throughout the village, many people came from the home crowd, and took photos to the circle of friends. He became famous all of a sudden. These days he often received a phone call, some people come to see the car every two or three days. The engine is Taobao bought this car spent twenty thousand yuan less for Lin said his childhood had cars dream, but the real beginning of cars, from the beginning of 2013. That year he did jewelry business, there is a period of time less orders, more idle, they can not think about a round childhood dream. So, he is looking for information on the Internet, starting from the transformation of the electric tricycle, mounted on the cab, install the lamp, the distance is a kind of power, but a point of difference. Then he thought of a gasoline powered car. "I made 6 cars before the car." Some of his words of pride, it is these experiences, so he accumulated some experience. "I can’t draw a low cultural level, the car is his drawings, with a monolithic block trying to do out." He said that the car looked simple in fact difficult to do, no drawings, two no accessories; no tools, all by his own three. Fortunately, he was a teenager with cousin learned welding craft, in front of a few car experience plus, took two months and finally made out. The engine is coming from the Internet, some accessories are purchased on the market, about twenty thousand before and after the purchase.相关的主题文章: