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World Cup – Bolivia Peru home court 2-0 seize the 38 year old scored World Cup – Bolivia Peru sports Tencent home court 2-0 seize the September 2nd news Beijing time on September 2nd at 4 a.m., the 2018 World Cup qualifiers seventh round, Bolivia home court 2-0 Lectra Peru, 38 year old veteran Escobar from Laerdesi jiangong. Before the 6 round of World Cup, Bolivia only won 1 games, currently with 3 points ranked second, while Peru is only more than the Bolivia games, with 4 points ranked third. This game is very important to both sides, Bolivia, Moreno and Arce from Aikesiba Trident, in the super Changchun Yatai club Moreno is their core, and Peru by Avila front. Fourth minutes, cuiva biography, Rui Dias in the restricted area of small angle of attack will hit the ball high right foot. Twentieth minutes, Bolivia passive substitutions, replacing the injured Campos Waal. Twenty-seventh minutes, Avila biography, Rui Dias header, plus les wrecker. Thirty-first minutes, Avila pass, Aquino outside the right foot shot was blocked. Thirty-second minutes, Vergara Nor pass, Moreno 35 yards right foot shot, and he throws the ball, then Arce ball, Escobar box left foot shot high. Thirty-eighth minutes into the game, after Aquino tipped Escobar foul, Moreno Escobar a free kick 25 yards left foot hit wonderful arc, the ball flew into the door on the right corner, 1-0! Bolivia home lead! Forty-first minutes, Waal pass, Arce right foot shot dapian. The first half of the game, Bolivia temporarily 1 goals ahead. Easy side battles, Peru’s top players to play for Boluo guerrero. Forty-seventh minutes, Avila pass, Guerrero nearly shot dapian. Fifty-second minutes, Beijialanuo biography, Moreno header, plus les wrecker. Sixty-first minutes, the valley to do the ball, Arce restricted area before the right foot door blocked. Sixty-second minutes, Saavedra for goal hero Escobar. Sixty-sixth minutes, Arce pass, in the restricted area of the left foot of the big shot shot low bias. Sixty-eighth minutes, Moreno and Waal for Leipzig failed. Subsequently, Telawuke biography, Rui Dias header top side. Eighty-eighth minutes into the game, Beijialanuo corner to the forbidden area, Laerdesi header nets, Bolivia 2-0 lead. The end of the game, the final Bolivia home court 2-0 Lectra Peru, get the World Cup second victory. The line-up of Bolivia (433): 12-: 22-: goalkeeper Romel defender Eduardo, 16- Laerdesi, 17- Vergara Nor, 3- Rodrigues midfielder 10- Campos (21- 20’vaillard), 6-, 15- Flores Asagaya striker: 9- Moreno, 20- Escobar (2- Saavedra 62′), Arce 7- (5- Cabrera 82′) Peru (4231) goalkeepers: 1-:: 17- Abram, Les plus defender 15- Ramos, 6- 3-, Telawuke Cozzo, Camacho 8- Boluo (9- 46′, 13- (Cesar Guerrero) 23- Joel – Sanchez 82′)相关的主题文章: