Tianjin Bandung big alley 9 major safety hazards listed rectification-helmet怎么读

Tianjin Bandung big alley 9 major safety hazards listed rectification reporters from the city safety hazards investigation large remediation work leading group meeting was informed that, in order to carry out the city’s production safety work conference, the implementation of the "hidden danger is accident, accident handling" requirement, the city to determine the first batch of 9 major security risks rectification project supervision, involving fire hazards, hazardous chemicals management, pipeline tie, special equipment and other fields, to promote the implementation of major security risks rectification. The handling of major risks identified in the first rectification projects including Tianjin Nanjiang Petrochemical area, Dagang Petrochemical Industrial Park safety; China aviation oil pipeline of aviation kerosene, Shaanxi Tianjin gathering pipelines are tying up the situation; the city’s residential elevator maintenance problems; Bandung alley, Development Zone building, Hebei District Road, Heping District, Haimen market in Hexi District Nankai District, the old district fire hazard. It is understood that the fuel pipeline tie and Development Zone in building fire hazards rectification plan will be completed in December, the rest point of the rectification plan has also been introduced, the work is in an orderly manner.相关的主题文章: