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Grievous news! The exposure mkhitaryan missed three games Tiewei injured truce 1 months – Sohu sports news! Exposure M F Kobita Liang missed three games   Manchester United announced to participate in the UEFA Cup group phase opener against Feyenoord squad, M F Kobita Liang and Phil – Jones also absent. The British "Daily Mirror" pointed out that mkhitaryan missed the Europa League because of repeated thigh injury, while Jones needs a knee injury a month. Last season in Dortmund, mkhitaryan but surrendered 23 goals and 32 assists in the report, this summer, the Armenians joined Manchester United to 26 million pounds transfer fee, he was Mourinho hopes, be regarded as the core of the organization of the season. But people did not expect is that the thigh injury has affected his play, the first round of the Premier League, he just started in Manchester City, Debbie, but because of poor performance was replaced. M F Kobita Liang was not selected for the Reds in the Europa League list, on the one hand Mourinho "punishment" of the factors, on the other hand it also with him on the thigh injury. The "Daily Mirror" pointed out that the absence of mkhitaryan Manchester United three games are against Feyenoord’s Europa League game with Waterford, the weekend of the league and the League Cup match against Bei’an hampton. It is worth mentioning that yesterday’s "the sun" has revealed that Mourinho mkhitaryan dissatisfaction of the position, he wants to appear on the 10, but Mourinho has to play on the right, it is reported that the Armenian people disappointed, but he was unable to replace Rooney. "Manchester Evening News" revealed that the team defender Phil Jones injured his knee and will be sidelined for a month, he has no trip to Rotterdam. In fact, in this season, Jones has not won the game time, originally he had the opportunity to play in the UEFA Cup, but due to a knee problem, he once again sidelined by the. In the last season, Jones is also the only starter over 7 times since January 2nd, he has represented the United first team had played in the summer, he once went to the city of Storck and Arsenal, but Mourinho did not contact, let him leave, it is reported that Jones will miss six games in the future. (listen to the wind)相关的主题文章: