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The expert also assists bivvie less fierce led but hard to get a win so far, Russell – Westbrook to super averages of 37.8 points, 10.5 rebounds and 10 assists and 1.5 steals, led the thunder to 100% record ranks first in the league, Westbrook continued guards data really amazing amazing, but the league in assists per game on the list Westbrook, this data was only ranked third, ahead of him and this season to play point guard James harden and once boasted the first Eastern guard John wall. Wall in three games so far in assists per game data on the double, but his genius was 0 wins and 3 losses record in the eastern bottom second, only 76 in the fourth. In today’s game against the Wizards home court Toronto, Waldo played a game this season’s most efficient, in 37 minutes 19 shooting 13, hit rate reached 68.4%, 9 free throw shooting 7 to 33 points, 5 rebounds and 11 assists 3 grab off 1 blocks of data, but in Kell Lowry due to injury in case of poor performance, the wall is still not leading the Wizards first win of the season, eventually lost 103-113 to encounter the Raptors, start losing streak. When it comes to today’s defeat, Waldo said in an interview after the game: "we have a lot of mistakes, I have a lot of personal. In the third quarter, we did not score, not even how to sell, so they watched their arbitrary scoring." Indeed, the Wizards appeared in as many as 20 turnovers today, the wall alone had 9 turnovers, and personal NBA career highest single game record errors are just 1 times, but the Wizards lose today is not only because of mistakes, the more reason in the critical moment and the game as the team leader of the game world the control ability is insufficient, watched opponents away game in their home court victory. In fact, the performance of the team in this season’s not bad. Although Bradley Bill has yet to find offensive feeling, but he averaged 14 points, in addition to Otto – Bert, markieff – Maurice and Gortat – Marcin three teammates to score double, which Gortat averaging 11 rebounds to his 10 year NBA career highs two data, averaging 15.3 points and 7.7 rebounds, Bert’s record of 4 years of personal NBA career highs, shooting rate is reached 62.9%, markieff – Maurice his 6 year NBA career since three points the highest hit rate and three ball hits in three. The ball 57.1% shooting game can hit 1.3 three pointers. But why can’t the Wizards win? First, we still have to revisit the failures of wal. So far, the wall in three games this season, averaging error reached 6.3 times, ranked first in the league, he at least 5 turnovers per game! That’s really a lot of mistakes. In the history of NBA, the record number of turnovers per game was George – in the 1974-75 season相关的主题文章: