Tencent smart city partners (development project service providers) recruitment instructions-sql2005安装图解

Smart city Tencent partners (service providers to develop projects that recruit 1 recruit) definition 1) service providers to develop projects for the Tencent Inc: direct government service / the wisdom of tourism development projects to provide support for the development direction and service company, the main functions include: to assist the Tencent to implement and develop and maintain customer relationships and projects for customers to test the development of the class, and timely payment to the Tencent Inc. 2 (customer): Tencent sales for the development of government / travel direction of the project customers, such as government, organs, enterprises and institutions, etc.. 3 (Tencent): Tencent Inc, Tencent. 4) bank co management account: for the business bank account under the name of the service provider, the account is only used by the user to cooperate with Tencent. In the period of cooperation with Tencent, and this account needs to be open to Tencent at any time to check the details of access to funds. 5) the execution fee of the project: the total amount of payment to the service provider for the specified project customer, the amount of the total amount agreed upon in the three party contract signed by the client and the service provider and the Tencent. 6 (project) service provider service fee: the fee for the designated project service provider to provide the development support and services to the customer, the amount of the agreement with the service provider cooperation agreement signed by Tencent. 7) the Tencent’s sales fee: the sales expenses paid by the service provider to the designated project shall be paid to the Tencent Inc, the amount of which shall be subject to the supplementary agreement on service providers signed by the Tencent. 2 the rights and obligations of the service provider and Tencent Inc signed a framework agreement, the service provider in the contract period to enjoy the corresponding rights and interests, and according to the requirements of the Tencent Inc to fulfill their duties and obligations. Specific as follows: service provider Rights: 1) Tencent agreed to the service provider to the project, the service provider is responsible for the signing of the three party contract with the project customers and Tencent, and is responsible for the project development support and services. 2) the service provider is responsible for the project execution fee in accordance with the client’s agreement. 3) the service provider has a service fee for the service of the project which is in charge of the project. Service provider responsibilities: 1) service providers only Tencent is responsible for the assigned projects, the service provider itself not in the name of the Tencent to do the relevant project sales; 2) service providers according to the needs of Tencent to open a bank account managed by Tencent, for the relevant personnel at any time and out of funds for details. 3) the service provider to support the development and support of the project according to the customer’s requirements and time. 4) service providers in accordance with the agreed manner on time to Tencent Inc to pay the project Tencent sales. Recruitment requirements 1) registration requirements: must be registered according to law, with independent legal person qualification, have the legal right to operate the unit; 2): office space with fixed office space, office space business area shall not be less than 100 square meters, with the cooperation project office; 3) the registered capital of more than 500 thousand yuan in registered capital 4); enterprise ability: with Internet technology research and development capabilities, including PC (website, platform) and mobile terminal capacity (WeChat public development, App development, H5 Technology Development); 5) requirement: have certain professional level and experience of the Internet backbone technology development personnel (skilled, high quality the development of the project), the number of employees shall not be less than 3.相关的主题文章: