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Guangxi tourism enterprises led a delegation to visit Fujian Donglan AC Hechi Beijing ecological tourism cooperation in September 16, (Tan Liuning) before the first Guangxi Bay International Tourism Corporation chairman Wu Jinzhi rate expert company executives, tourism projects to visit members of the CPPCC National Committee, Mr. Ke Xiping, chairman of Xiamen Hengxing group of project cooperation exchange and invite donglan. Wu Jinzhi introduction, Guangxi Donglan county is located in the world’s longevity in Golden Triangle, at the Fifth International Conference of the International Symposium on population aging and longevity, longevity, Hechi won the world title of honor, at present, over 60 years old in Hechi city accounted for 14.5% of the total population of centenarians, 760, equivalent to every 100 thousand people in one hundred healthy at the age of 17.9, the average life expectancy is 77.94 years old. The city has Fengshan, Yizhou, Donglan, Bama, Tian’e, Dahua 6 " Chinese Changshouzhixiang ", is the largest city of Guangxi longevity. Golden Triangle was rated the world’s longevity in three counties of Fengshan centenarians 89 people, 106 people, 158 people in East Lansing, Donglan County in the air of negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter average up to 3-16 million, is the holy land of health pension. Wu Jinzhi said that his company in Donglan County of Guangxi to invest in the development of tourism projects, not only can promote local economic development and employment, is the practice of national poverty alleviation precise policy. At present the company is to create "tongbafeng" health and longevity of tourist routes, and in the next 6 years the company plans to invest 5 billion 318 million. The general manager of the first Gulf International Travel Agency shares donglanxian Runtong source in Qin exchanges, in the global economic downturn, international health tourism platform to create Obama fashion, the CITS Runtong Matera successful tourist routes, the six day of the world longevity "Golden Triangle five tongbafeng" to build a line the reputation of the health care brand tourist routes. Wu Jinzhi said, the company will open up the north line of Hulun Buir tourism Gold Line East northeast +. Welcome to experience the mystery of time and Ke Donglan landscape study investment. On the same day, Ke Xiping was evacuated to promise the world’s longevity Golden Triangle Donglan tourism, industrial investment. Ke Xiping said, his haoshanhaoshui of Guangxi had heard, especially the Guangxi development opportunities is now very good, plus China, ASEAN Expo brings infinite opportunities, the tourism industry is a hot industry, to invest is the wrong choice, and tourism as the sunrise industry, the country, their very about the first Bay Development Project in donglan. It is understood that the Xiamen Hengxing group to participate in the Anxi County Government jointly build the success of national AAAA class tourist scenic spots, founder of Hengxing middle school in Anxi, the other half of Anxi county economy in 2016 reached 19 billion 980 million. As the chairman and President of Xiamen Hengxing Group founder and lead the group to become a large-scale private enterprise with total assets of more than 14 billion yuan Ke Xiping, enjoys a high reputation in the business world. (end)  相关的主题文章: