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Rosewood collection will usher in a golden opportunity mahogany furniture production and use began in the Ming Dynasty, the sculpture, mosaic, and tenon curve of traditional processing technology. The modeling and the process contains rich classical culture, through modeling, show beauty, moist and dignified, ethereal, honest, solemn and elegant. For hundreds of years, using authentic traditional craftsmanship, contain rich cultural heritage of the mahogany furniture has always been favored consumers. For hundreds of years, because of the expensive mahogany furniture, most aristocratic, wealthy have now, with the continuous improvement of living standards, mahogany furniture gradually entered the home of ordinary people. The traditional mahogany furniture hard to find in Xi’an Xiaodongmen antiques market, engaged in traditional furniture collection decades of Mr. Liu told reporters that the traditional mahogany furniture is the Ming and Qing Dynasties when pear, red sandalwood furniture. The rise of pear furniture is the late Ming dynasty literati aesthetic charm will reach tendency in daily life. This trend is reflected in the furniture will be showing a concise style, comfortable and practical function, elegant charm and other characteristics, favored by collectors. Rosewood furniture in Ming and Qing two generations of emperors can only use folk do not have to, then local rosewood, but it also belongs to the local nobility are used. Over the years, many fine our traditional handicraft has ceased to exist, as the traditional process of pear, red sandalwood furniture are more and more less, mostly concentrated in museums and private collections, rarely appeared in all kinds of art auction, just a little more than a hundred thousands of, millions of tens of millions of prices. Now the emergence of old furniture for new old wood or other hard oak wood furniture, the traditional rosewood has been very difficult to see, not to speak of, if you encounter the real mahogany furniture, must ask the experts to identify, do not blindly. Mahogany collection ushered in a good opportunity reporter in several mahogany furniture market, and now on the market for some of the imported mahogany wood made of a strong practicality of imitation Ming and Qing furniture. These furniture technology sophisticated and beautiful, elegant and generous style, are very representative of traditional furniture works, as a result of the addition of modern elements, in today’s life both practical and collectible value. The operation of modern mahogany furniture Lu boss told reporters, now than a few years ago a great price rise, but in recent years, many domestic mahogany furniture raw materials are included in the endangered list, the late domestic mahogany furniture market will certainly have a great impact. Especially in recent months, mahogany raw material gains have reached an alarming level. Based on past experience, there will be a big increase in the next 35 years. The reporter learned from the industry, due to soaring prices of raw materials mahogany mahogany: one is the exhaustion of resources, the two is international for cutting mahogany raw material constraints, the number of people is far better than the existing mahogany much imagination. Precious mahogany trees in nature, the survival and growth of the need for a long time, with the number of China’s imports of mahogany wood dramatically in recent years, behind these huge mahogany inventory is the origin of the gradual depletion of natural resources, so it appears the endangered controls do not fly相关的主题文章: