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Japanese experts say animation is not only the poor drug culture love last week NHK television reported a poor families need support of girls, the various acquaintances flayer, the girls not only love cartoon very much, and bought many expensive merchandise to animation related meeting. This event has set off an upsurge of public opinion in Japanese society. Recently, a Japanese experts on the matter said the author not only the culture of poor people Starchaser love of animation, even the stars and animation to drugs. The brick house is Professor of Art Department of philosophy at University of the Arts in Osaka, called pure hill Yaozhang. He wrote that drugs and gambling are able to make people spiritual waste and violent crime, so it will be banned by the world. Japan is a resource poor country, in addition to the lack of resources in the production of high value-added products, only in the cultural output of the effort. The content of the culture, including sports stars, pop idol, cartoon animation, mobile phone software, etc.. Various occupation sports is like a drug can make people excited, uninterrupted broadcast Months and years pass by. sports occupation, addictive poisoning. While the singer idol is a selling dream occupation, to create a fantasy dream away people’s pursuit of life. Comic and animation is the same, although the animation seems to be popular in the world, but it is an illusion. Animation was originally intended for children to see things that can be generally accepted because of the addition of a stimulating sound and color, or violence and pornography. In between these things, people will like gambling, obsessed with sports stars and idol singer as addicted to excitement. Although these things are not drugs but comparable drugs. Look at all the people living in poverty, low income, basic necessities of life can not be solved well, but live in rent high street, but the room is full of junk, it is a modern classic stupid poverty. Their lives are a problem, but also to pursue other people to create a false thing, surrounded by a number of brand-name goods are not meaningful, sports stars surrounding, singer idol surrounding, animation around. Living in the most expensive is the mobile phone calls, a changed one, money is better than to make money fast. The poor people will love the sports stars, star idol, cartoon animation, mobile phone software and these drugs the same thing, although in a short period of time can cause excitement, but these things are toxic, they will only make life worsening. It is necessary for the poor to increase their cultural level. After reading the Japanese brick home point of view, do you agree?相关的主题文章: