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Yiliang rural tourism network will create a comprehensive new characteristics of rural tourism in Yunnan tourism in 2016 – Sohu Yiliang county Party Secretary Hai Zong should in the tourism industry of Yiliang County Development Conference made an important speech, stressed that Yiliang county should implement the global tourism and rural tourism development strategy of Yiliang, to build an upgraded version of Yiliang’s tourism. Yiliang is speeding up the tourism industry to do a large amount of the best quality of the key period. Whether it is from the tourism industry’s own characteristics and development trend, whether it is from the stage of development of the tourism industry in Yiliang and development conditions, whether it is from the Yiliang need to accelerate the transition across the reality or to consider the long-term perspective, accelerate the development of the tourism industry, for Yiliang, it is very necessary, is also very important. Jiuxiang Scenic Area Management Bureau Director Jiang Jun told reporters, the future, Yiliang will be based on their good traffic and location advantages, and hot springs, delicacy, seedlings, natural ecology, folk culture and rich tourism resources, to implement the "ten hundred thousand bed village shop plan" as a breakthrough, for 3 to 5 years 10, focus on creating a rural tourism demonstration village, 100 houses, 1000 guesthouse inn on the grade of beds, vigorously develop rural tourism and folk economy. Through comprehensive Jingan whistle 68 abduction, dog street small whistle, Xuefeng ecological park as the representative of the rural tourism construction project, the key to enhance the Horse Street, ERON, Mao Jia Ying as the representative of the Penglai hot spring, hot spring leisure health project, efforts to promote the tourism industry innovation project by the Dragon Qigu, Jiuxiang castle, agricultural culture Xu Du Du century eco-tourism town as the representative, the basic form of Jiuxiang, Geng Ying Karst landform expedition, "68 turn", the small white dragon roaming ecological tour, the pony, street waterfront spa, Xiaoshao, mountain god Folk Buddhism tour delicacy, dog street and Xu Jia Du one hundred meter rail nostalgic trip 5 boutique tourist routes. In addition, Yiliang will strive to 2020, completion of the county rural tourism demonstration base of not less than 5 star standard (point) and more than 100 star standard with rural tourism service units, directly engaged in rural tourism personnel staff of 4000 people, indirectly in the rural tourism industry reached 16000 people, the county’s Rural tourism the total income of 180 million yuan. 2016 is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the golden period is the development of tourism in China, the party and state leaders repeatedly put forward a series of requirements on the development of the tourism industry, the State Council for a number of documents released to the development of the tourism industry to encourage, guide and support the policy of "13th Five-Year" and the provinces and the overall development request, to create a new historical opportunity for the development of tourism in Yiliang. Yiliang tourism has been gaining momentum, should further make the Party leadership, to the global tourism and the panorama of Yiliang, characteristics of lead, quality of service as the focus, focus on changing ideas, to intensify the reform of institutional mechanisms, the establishment of project driven and leading industry clusters, and excellent service system, high force, momentum, let Yiliang tourism image fresh, sound louder, tourism tourism tourism more beautiful and more abundant and more popular tourist routes, tourist attraction is more powerful, to further highlight the benefits of industry to provide more and more.相关的主题文章: