Men catch up thief Fanzao unexpectedly for mobile phone thief accomplices 4 hit-rewrite攻略�

Men catch up thief Fanzao unexpectedly for mobile phone thief accomplices 4 hit recently, Nanjing citizens were stripped in riding on the road mobile phone. He found the thief, the thief immediately catch up to kick turn ride vehicles, and for mobile phone. Unexpectedly, the thief and his hit the public came up and fled the scene. Nanjing Xuanwu police received a report, a quick attack will be arrested 4 suspects. Police remind the general public, encounter road pickpocketing, should be in the premise to ensure its own security against thieves. The man kicked down the thief for mobile phone was hit 8 points more on the night of September 17th, the Nanjing Xinjiekou police station received a public warning Mr. Zhou (of surname), said the thief not only stole his mobile phone, also beat him to a meal. Police immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation. It happened in the vicinity of Zhongshan Road Xinjiekou north bus station. At that time, Mr. Zhou is riding an electric car to go home, while riding a headset with a cell phone to listen to music, the phone is in the coat pocket. Suddenly, he felt no sound in the headset, and look back, his cell phone has come to the side of the car and the rear of a man in his hand, the other side just pulled out his headphone line. "I was fishing for a phone to get back, but did not get to." Mr. Zhou told the police, the other immediately to speed up the escape, so he followed up, and the other side of the car kick kick. See each other fall, Mr. Zhou immediately get off, shouting to each other, the phone back to me". But unexpectedly, then came from behind a motorcycle, down the top people nearby will punch down Mr. zhou. Subsequently, the theft of Mr. Zhou phone man also came forward to kick him. In this process, Mr. Zhou has been shouting, the phone back to me". At this time, the crossing of the public found the situation, have surrounded the past, 4 players were divided by two motorcycles quickly fled the scene. According to Mr. Zhou reflect the situation, the police immediately adjusted to see the scene of the monitoring route, confirmed that Mr. Zhou said. The police arrested two days Dunshou 4 Deputy Secretary for Public Security Bureau Xuanwu suspects Zhang Yu, as happened in Nanjing downtown area of Xinjiekou, and the suspect in the victim against the use of violence, so by the nature of the things has been suspected of theft into suspicion of robbery, the impact is very bad. According to the suspects fled in the direction of the police, the transfer of a large number of monitoring picture tracking, finally confirmed 4 people settled in Jianning road. After two days of waiting, the police have the suspect activity law. Around 3:30 on September 20th, 4 suspects entered the ground floor of the temporary residence of the two, waiting for a long time the police seized the door to enter the indoor personnel control. Because the housing complex structure, when we rushed into the innermost room, one of the suspects have jumped off the balcony and fled. But only after a lapse of 1 days, the suspect was arrested in a hotel in Jianning road. The investigation, September 20th arrested the same day, the suspect staying within a total of 6 people were taking drugs, of which 4 people involved in the case, get off the suspect lvmou was shot Mr. Zhou people mobile phone theft. These people are fellow came to Nanjing from the field of time is not long, and most have a criminal record, pickpocketing, theft of electric vehicles. Currently, Lu and other 4 suspects on suspicion of robbery, has been under criminal detention by the police according to law,.相关的主题文章: