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Men see "run," brother "lottery" cheated 6000 yuan – Beijing northeast network September 26th news September 6th, 28 year old Daqing Liu Minghui (a pseudonym), the content is received a Hunan mobile phone number of messages sent to, that you have been "run," extraction field outside the lucky brothers the audience, especially the issuance of 160 thousand yuan and an apple laptop computer. This activity is valid for 24 hours, overtime without collar, disqualification. The following links to a web site for details. Liu Minghui think this is really a pie in the sky, afraid of over the time to receive bonuses and prizes, he quickly logged in with the phone above the url. Go in, is a "run it, brothers," the site, above the need to fill out the personal data. Liu Minghui on this web site to fill in the name, ID number, cell phone number, bank card number. The second day, a phone number to Zhejiang to call him, the other said: you want to receive bonuses and prizes, you need to pay 6000 yuan deposit risk. After receiving the deposit, we will send you 160 thousand yuan of cash in the past, the notebook computer to you in the past." Liu Minghui felt some 6000 yuan deposit, said don’t want to receive this award, the other said: "you have to fill in a single award this award, it cannot give to others, if you do not accept, must bear legal responsibility!" said Liu Minghui listen to each other, some fear, agreed to accept the award. The other gave him a bank card number, so he will deposit the past. Liu Minghui went to the bank to the other side of the transfer of 6000 yuan. After the transfer of the money, the other party to give him a call, let Liu Minghui pay 16 thousand yuan tax money. At this time, Liu Minghui felt cheated, reported. Anti flicker expert team of experts, the Daqing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment investigation six brigade Deputy captain Guo Yu said, what variety show on fire, a liar will impersonate these program, send a message to you, saying that you have hundreds of thousands of prizes and notebook computer. There are always some young people will be lucky to wait until the discovery was cheated regret. Here to remind the public that you received the lucky audience award message, never logged messages on the web site, and fill in your personal information, receive such messages mobile phone, should be removed immediately, do not return the texting phone number consultation, so as not to be each other and you Meng ring.相关的主题文章: