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The guy jumped into the panda bear staged war sides tear roll into a ball – the Sohu news according to the Jiangxi city channel "city scene" reported 28, 27 PM, a man jumped into the Jiangxi Nanchang zoo giant panda, as he prepared to tease the sleeping giant panda, giant panda was suddenly clinging to the thigh then, the two sides wrestle together, staged a "war bear". In the process, the giant panda will be pressed under the man, the man tried to resist many times, but it was too hard to move. Finally, the man finally caught the opportunity to run out. Nanchang City Zoo Animal Management Office chief Li Dongtao said that many tourists think pandas usually eat bamboo, Meng Meng, that they will not attack people, in fact they are beasts! 27 PM, a man jumped into the Nanchang zoo giant panda from Jiangxi Shangrao, Mr. Chen was also witnessed this scene, he said, this man is and two girls together to see the pandas, "is about to show what", so in spite of the dissuasion jumped off the fence. At first, the giant panda was sleeping, and did not notice the man, so the man’s courage is more and more big, intends to touch the giant panda, the results of the giant panda immediately jumped up and hugged him…… So a bear began a 5 minute tug of war. The man continued to get rid of the panda, but it was firmly in the body, this "bear war" to see around a lot of tourists in the tourist tremble with fear, the man shouted: do not pull panda ears, otherwise it will bite you! It is understood that this giant panda called the United States Ling, 12 years old, male, weighing about more than and 240 pounds, stand up about 1.5 meters tall. Li Dongtao said that from the video can be seen, the United States did not want to attack the spirit of the man, just want to play with him. After many struggle, the man finally got rid of Meiling clamp, run away. Mr. Chen said, when the man came, the trousers were bitten. Li Dongtao said that the panda barrier height is about 1.3 meters, the fence to the venue of the depth is 3 meters, isolation ditch about 1.5 metres away from the tourists, jumped into the stadium this time, just in the gap for second days eating panda keeper. Meiling Li Dongtao said that many tourists feel that Panda Meng Meng is very cute, usually eat bamboo, gentle will not attack people. In fact, the panda attack is very strong, in the daily operation of the feeding process, the staff and the panda is completely isolated operation. Li Dongtao said, "bear war", after observation, the panda’s body does not have what problem. But many tourists believe that this behavior is not civilized. But also a certain threat to the safety of tourists. If the behavior of tourists to harm wildlife, may violate the National Wildlife Protection Law, but also bear part of its own legal responsibility. 28, Nanchang zoo official micro-blog also informed of this matter, and solemnly remind visitors, although not adorable panda, tease. Nanchang zoo added that the man fled after the zoo did not reflect the situation, after the zoo confirmed that the u.s.!相关的主题文章: