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South Korean prosecutors summoned allegedly forced donation before Chong Wa Dae Secretary Ming – Beijing to Beijing in November 1, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean prosecutors special investigation headquarters said 1, 2 will be 2 pm on Chong Wa Dae for policy coordination summoned former chief secretary An Zhongfan, investigating whether the Mir consortium and K sports intervention the consortium was established and fund-raising activities. The Mir consortium and the K sports consortium are alleged to have been funded by large corporations, and Chong Wa Dae has been involved in the process, and in fact forced companies to invest. An Zhongfan is regarded as the most powerful chief secretary of the presidential palace, so in the process of identifying the matter, the need to focus on the investigation of An Zhongfan. Earlier, South Korean prosecutors have investigated the main consortium to raise funds for the National Federation of economic and corporate stakeholders, etc., to verify the establishment of the consortium and fund-raising process. According to the survey results, Lotte Group invested 4 billion 500 million won to two consortia through its company (about 26 million 770 thousand yuan), and requested additional contribution, had to go to the K sports consortium to provide 7 billion won, which was returned. SK group refused to invest 8 billion yuan to the K sports consortium requirements. According to the insiders proof that the consortium, funded the names as "provide budget subsidies for the training of sports talents overseas, but in fact the money by Pu Jinhui confidant Cui Shunshi in Germany’s" Widce sports "is responsible for the operation. K sports group secretary general Zheng said in an interview, Ann and Cui Shunshi Jong had been instructed to SK Group invested 8 billion won. South Korean prosecutors will be based on the results of the survey, a comprehensive investigation of the security. 29 last month, prosecutors have raided the residence and office of Chong Wa Dae, Ann Jong, to master a variety of data and mobile phone and other evidence, and positive analysis. In addition, the South Korean prosecutors in October 31st called for an investigation and emergency detention of the protagonist of the Cui Shunshi administration, at 10 o’clock in the morning, the prosecution was detained in the detention center of the investigation focused on the investigation of Cui Shunshi. The prosecution plans to investigate the detention for the afternoon of tomorrow and apply for an arrest warrant. According to investigators revealed that Cui Shunshi denied all the allegations, unknown matters a lot.相关的主题文章: