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Overdue credit card is frozen? The woman received SMS cheated 13 thousand (Figure) – Beijing 3:09 yesterday afternoon, Ms. Wen sent strange phone message prompt Sichuan Chengdu news network August 29th news (reporter Liu Peipei) this afternoon, Ms. Wen told himself cheated to Sichuan news network reporter, said: regret sighed again and again yesterday afternoon she received a 3:09. A strange number of sent SMS, SMS content said her a bank credit card because of overdue repayment is frozen, so she promptly call the customer service phone for thawing. However, when the text of the text to call the customer service phone call and in accordance with voice prompts and manual prompts for thawing, her credit card was brushed away 13 thousand yuan…… A strange number sent a text message to your credit card overdue repayment is frozen at 3:09 pm yesterday, Ms. Wen’s mobile phone received a strange number of sent SMS, SMS content is XX your credit card bank (overdue) to your credit card has been frozen, please call the service: 010-57176012 for thawing. To avoid the adverse credit [XX] bank "Ms. Wen told the Sichuan news network reporter, because her last month at the time of repayment only the minimum repayment amount of 200 yuan or so, some worry, then dial the message on the phone call. "Although the message is a strange number, but I was the last message in the text of the ‘XX bank’ remarks confused." According to Ms. Wen introduced, when she called the customer service phone, there is a voice prompt, according to 3 is the credit card business. A Mandarin speaking man calls himself a bank customer on the phone. Ms. Wen said in the media often see on telecommunications fraud reports, she was still very alert, and repeatedly asked each other, your credit card is frozen, but the other has said in the other, and did not answer the question directly ms.. When your heart is not the answer, Ms. Wen chose to hang up the phone, she was deeply suspicious of each other may be a liar. Realizing that it might be a liar but worried about keeping a bad record on the phone to thaw out the trick yet, things don’t end here. After hanging up the phone, but still very worried. According to Ms. Wen introduced, she used a bank credit card for more than a year, do not understand the relevant business credit card, usually her husband is reminded that she should repay the class. Worried about your credit card really is frozen and may have a bad record, to hang up the phone a few minutes later, Ms. Wen once again call the message to provide customer service. This time, Ms. Wen did not suspect anything. "At that time, I was not aware of any problems in the operation of the phone and the bank processes." Ms. Wen said that the first step, the other side let me report their bank card number; second step, according to the phone voice prompts, enter the bank card password. The third step, the other party to ask for dynamic verification code, their dynamic verification code verbally informed the other party. Ms. Wen said that she recalled the whole process after the event, found that the other party to let their own verbal dynamic verification code is a problem. Let the woman have no相关的主题文章: