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One hundred thousand crab eating army into "crab" in Suzhou city – Beijing Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs crab a buckle, sell crabs can be traced, if there are problems, ensure that the interests of consumers. Zhou Gongyu photo Beijing, Kunshan, November 5, (Huang Ying) went to the crab eating best, according to Suzhou city’s statistics, from morning to afternoon 10:00 18:00 within 8 hours, only the high-speed beltway toll station Hyderabad will usher in 21607 traffic. Accordingly, this weekend at least one hundred thousand cynomolgus army to Suzhou city. Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs called "taste the best", every year tens of thousands of fresh off the temptation to stampede in. The crab doorway is also a lot of City Yangcheng Lake crabs Industry Association chairman Rong Wei introduction, the best time to eat crab is nine females and ten males, because September female crab spawning crab plump, October best male gonadal sperm, bright yellow fat, so Jiangsu old diners will choose at this time to early adopters. Yangcheng why there is such a big attraction? Rong Wei said, crab, drinking, chrysanthemum, the poem as a beautiful autumn season, has won the respected men of literature and writing. In recent years, with the fence breeding area decreased year by year, the Yangcheng Lake Ecological and environmental protection continue to strengthen, better quality, more lush aquatic crabs, the taste is more delicious, fresh off naturally follow. Rong Wei, now this through a unified seed, unified feed, unified management, unified guidance, unified sales, starting from seedling to control, breeding in accordance with scientific standards, and constantly improve the quality of the crabs. Even if there is a problem in the breeding process, crab farmers can not be resolved, you can also slice the contents of the remote equipment sent to the aquatic hospital, by many experts to discuss the discussion after the face of remote guidance. According to the Yangcheng Lake Tourism Resort Center Director Gu Jiying introduced, at present, the town a total area of nearly 30 thousand acres of hairy crabs, crab Fang Yuan, the formation of the spring and Autumn period, Shuicheng City Yujia lights second lake crab market, five market instrument PLO crab crab crab market size, restaurant, farmhouse meals, a total of more than 1300 years. Tourists amounted to more than 300 people. At noon peak dining hours, crab floor restaurant patrons surging, the staff told reporters that the weekend peak hours have to turn the table 3 times. Responsible for chairman Gong’s crab industry Gong Wenlong introduction, the company not only in the city business crab Fang, wholesale stores, and in Tianjin, Hunan, Henan and other places of cooperation to open stores, and business outlets in the internet. The crab is stable and reliable product quality, received daily phone orders continuously. This year, catching crabs listed so far, the company has sales of nearly 60 million yuan, to more than 2 thousand boxes around the country every day express crabs. "The old brand, a crab buckle, integrity management." In order to break the crabs and seasonal single product sales bottleneck, Baltimore also continue to extend the industrial chain, has successfully developed the crab oil rice, crab row, Liquor-Soaked Crabs, cooked crab dumplings and other new products listed, next year is expected to mass production. Although this year Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs yield reduced, the price is 20% higher compared to last year, but the crab eaters diminished interest. Currently two 3 female crabs相关的主题文章: