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Too hot! The song Andy version of snow white bar on the Venus version of Queen Sina entertainment news Oriental TV comedy variety show large scenes "tonight" broadcast on the evening of October 8th, the third phase of the program. In the program, Song Xiaobao [micro-blog], OD [micro-blog] the netizens called "long lost brother", "fellow sufferers" appeared together, and the "master" Venus [micro-blog], together contributed a "Ecstasy" of the sitcom night. Since the birth of northeast Song Xiaobao with a strong and color in the show, exaggerated facial expressions and accents in the eyes of the audience left a deep impression. However, in the latest issue of "tonight" paramount, actor Song Xiaobao was born to sing opera, a song "sun" of the users who are feeling "amazing", many netizens have left surprise over the question: "this is Andy you want the transition?" In addition to singing opera, Song Xiaobao program but also a series of transformation "Russian girl", "Snow White" and "European" style, a strong contrast to many users refer to "hot eye". Song Xiaobao sang "the sun" Bel Canto show amazing friends chat while eating seems to have become the "tonight" Paramount let guests relax the fixed plot and chat. The program, with Venus "Honghuang girl" Fu Yuanhui chat while eating, let Fu Yuanhui broke a lot of dirt. This time Venus and Song Xiaobao drank the wine, the effect is more outstanding. The wine is more relaxing than delicacy, show Song Xiaobao drink two, Venus began to open your heart: "I usually have to drink half a catty, I want to sing" Turandot ", drink a pound I’ll sing" La Traviata ", if a couple of pounds more than I would sing" Figaro. The wedding "." A series of opera names from Song Xiaobao’s mouth, and even Venus feel incredible. In order to prove his right, Song Xiaobao directly in the live concert played a famous opera "the sun", bel canto pitched loud so that users who are greatly surprised: "I didn’t hear! Song Xiaobao does not sing to sing opera transition? Still sing so well!" After singing, Song Xiaobao seems to still feel unsatisfied, is suddenly began to twist up "Brazil yangko dance" — the rumba, funny to dance as a professional dancer Venus dumbfounding, but netizens would see very happy, have said: "the sense of ‘Rumba’ is not difficult to learn well, every minute ah!" Russian girl, Princess Song Xiaobao of new style "hot eyes" in addition to breakthrough novel performance self, the "Paramount" tonight, Song Xiaobao in the shape has also achieved new breakthroughs. In the past, the audience’s impression, Song Xiaobao is a sketch of "blind date" in the blue big cotton padded clothes wearing brown wool hat, the blind man, and later became the "Zhen, Waichuan" in "rain equitably" black ", in short, in any case are Zhen" and white skin contact. However, in this episode, Song Xiaobao first turned a bright yellow dress, with gold braid and double turban "Russian girl", and then directly into the snow white princess skirt dress". Two skinned "European" characters, with Song Xiaobao himself相关的主题文章: