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The old man living alone survey: many people meet the psychological needs of not selling – just pick Beijing – the newspaper reporter Shen Dong the end of October, a fire occurred in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan city Xingqing District Youai District 19 building two unit fire lives on the two floor of the elderly home, hoarding a lot of waste cardboard, cotton, wire and other items in the home, resulting in a fire after the fire can not be controlled, the entire unit households windows and house appliances damaged to varying degrees. After the fire, the old man was injured in hospital, the other victims of the loss of the moment no one can compensate. But what is puzzling is that the old man led thousands of yuan of pension, but the day picking up trash in the outside, and not to make money, only to store at home to meet the psychological needs. The "Legal Daily" reporter through the investigation found that the old man living alone is not the case in Yinchuan City, a community found that 7 elderly with garbage storage habits. Safety problems caused by the elderly living alone picking up, has aroused the attention from all walks of life. Eight after the old man picked up the fire caused by the fire in Xingqing District, Yinchuan city fire brigade Xinhua squadron sent 23 firefighters to the scene of the fire, after the fire was extinguished for 1 hours. At present, the fire department to determine the Fire Department of the elderly caused by the fire in the house, the specific cause is still under investigation. Fire caused by the unit’s two and the three floor, the door of the four individual houses were burned deformation, the current unit in addition to the individual living outdoors has been uninhabited. The fire house is 202 room of the elderly Taoxing housing area of 30 square meters. "The fire house is always the old man himself, the old man nearly 90 years old, usually pick up garbage, a summer corridor great taste, many neighbors complained. After the fire, he first ran out, neighbors called the police, after the incident can not contact him." A resident told reporters. Reporters saw in the old room, the house is still piled up a lot of garbage. More than one million households in the unit said the hope that the elderly or their families come forward to negotiate compensation for property damage, or the relevant departments to coordinate the elderly living in nursing homes. After the incident, Zhongshan Street Subdistrict Office community personnel rushed to the scene to rescue the first time, in coordination with the victims of the aftermath, has units within the corridor of public facilities maintenance, water and electricity has been restored at present. "After the incident, we coordinate the public security department get elderly household registration records, found that he had no children. Living alone, we can not interfere with the living habits of the elderly, previously received complaints from the residents of his garbage heap, we have repeatedly advised the door said, but there is no effect." A staff member said. That solitary old hobby to hoard junk reporter, in some district of Yinchuan City, the scavengers as an important part of life, and only picking up not to sell a few old shortage. Recently, a Yinchuan City Xixia District Chong District Wei Yuzhen old man again attracted complaints from residents, because she will dump in the corridor. The reporter learned from the residents, there are two houses, old man, also enjoy the old-age insurance and railway workers survivors fee, but the old man still insist on picking up garbage for 10 years. The garbage piled in the corridor from cockroaches, ants and mice, great views of the neighbors. Remember.相关的主题文章: