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A game player: Great otaku embarrassed smell money million reward anchorwoman nouveau riche [Sina game Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] and on Sunday a week Jiongwen time, saying this week control Jun and the unit buddies this week saw a news, saying that the other side of the 11 district more and more the otaku died at home alone, also can be found on body odor smell neighbors. This makes a lot of small series are worried about the future. But after a news release all small and. Want to know what news? Just this week a week Jiongwen! (Editor: WB) [there are otaku nouveau riche live money no words about the topic of human nature] live a week Jiongwen haven’t mentioned, but live in a variety of interesting news never heard this week, Monday Jiongwen, we first look at the anchor circle and what is interesting things. Although the emergence of the studio nouveau riche is a common thing, but live among the nouveau riche is also divided into various grades and ranks. This week there is such a nouveau riche, 1 minutes ho throw 1 million yuan reward anchor, is not only the big break live reward record is made anchor was out of control. Red Net anchor tears out of control of course this trench for shocked the crowd of fans, people sigh and atmosphere have "nouveau riche practices, when I beg that nouveau riche seek to take away!" Also, some of the practices that do not show such a shame, said: the rich great ah! But let us not think, after ho throw 1 million yuan reward anchor, the nouveau riche days did not imagine so good. Due to the exposure of the news, after the bank card in the nouveau riche family was freezing events. But this did not stop the interest in the nouveau riche, netizens began each deep grilled on Nouveau riche. Allegedly, the nouveau riche is a rich two generations, now living in Beijing chaoyang. In addition, the broadcast platform of personal space in nouveau riche upload too much Zhang Aston, Martin, and Aston Martin both face and name ", which is likely to be his car. Once in the nouveau riche broadcast platform to upload multiple photos a luxury car although the broadcast caused a lot of controversy, many netizens shouted speculation, but still friends said to resign dry live." Control Jun think whether it is hype or female anchor really met a nouveau riche worth mentioning, want to rely on a live fire that ultimately see have their own strength. Is this week broadcast "legs" and "top up" the female anchor, even if there is no talent what they grow is the greatest strength. So shake legs female anchor said, the money is good to make money, there seems to be nothing wrong…… Users responded by saying that if you want to be able to look at the king a little bit, will be the point of makeup, will jump a dance what (the most important thing is a little thin……) You might have to engage in direct control. Who has the money Indoorsman nouveau riche, nouveau riche make it good…… > > news minute million reward nouveau riche flower red net reward record breaking broadcast! Two rich generation throw million reward nouveau riche female anchor of the family was to freeze the bank card otaku nice to earn money to live "female anchor legs" crazy gifts.相关的主题文章: