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Lanzhou Lanzhou waterwheel model "dress up" old street "changed" Jincheng hometown of Silk Road culture – display the new transmission network for Tongwei road. Ding Si photo Beijing, September 14 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Ding Si) Lanzhou water tankers, camels, drum…… In September, walking in the streets of Lanzhou, seemed to be in an open-air folk museum. Recently, the reporter visited the rectification "changed" Street Lane concentrated Lanzhou Chengguan District, this shows the new face of the capital of Lanzhou Jincheng’s hometown, to people from around the world about the Silk Road culture. According to Lanzhou Chengguan District Organization cadres Wang Lei introduced since October 2015, led by the Party Organization Department, in collaboration with the streets and sanitation, law enforcement, construction and other departments, with "Five" as the standard, carry out the "integration of city management demonstration Street" to create work, build 32 with humanistic characteristics, the environment clean and tidy and standardize the management of the streets. A city, a street. Tongwei Road, Lanzhou is a most cultural heritage of the old streets. Now, clean the road, before the white five arch bridge instead of the old iron railings, more ancient. Along the street looked red and yellow stool during the Taiping drum like display, to become the best place for people to rest. Tongwei road street is the most attractive design along the walls of glass showcase, on behalf of the Yellow River stone, beef noodles, Lanzhou water, Lanzhou GuZi reader, display the culture of Gansu "name card". "A street behind, is thousands of years of history and culture, it is difficult to let go of the feelings of hometown people. We hope to be able to transfer to the outside world to our Lanzhou culture, let everyone know a new, down to earth in Lanzhou." Zhangye Road Street office director Kong Lingjing told reporters. In Zhangye Street 16 years Kong Lingjing, recalled 20 years ago in the Lanzhou Street Lane said, "the old alley can be said to be garbage everywhere, people living in limited economic conditions, for the public health environment does not know how to maintain, change now can be said to be" a; make only superficial changes "neat the street environment, also remind the local people take care of our common city". Clean and hygienic, folk style street lane, but also in the Linxia Street building delicacy Street — tower lane. All along, the streets delicacy Muta lane and northwest Lanzhou Jincheng as delicacy marks, collection of beef noodles, beans, sweet wine, grey leather have nearly 100 kinds of reputation in the Lanzhou special snack and some across the famous delicacy, let the people of Lanzhou and past tourists. "In the past, the streets of many businesses and visitors to reflect the street shops, streets cluttered, garbage everywhere, health condition is." Linxia street party office director Xie Xuan introduction, March 2016, the streets of the transformation of the Tower Lane, integration of resources, the introduction of famous delicacy food, sanitation, remediation reduction Muta Lane historical culture, let the Muta Lane set to become food, tourism, historical cultural brand in one of the streets. East Tower Lane alley, and Zhongshan Road. From the river, "arch Jincheng Baita" Baitashan Po temple, Zhongshan bridge across the centuries)相关的主题文章: