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Old Liu qiangca suspects jingfangxingju official said the cultural relics can not remedy the Sohu Military Channel liaoshenzhanyi headquarters site and other important cultural relics is "that the demolition, it is contempt of regulations, stimulate public emotions, also cut off the history of meridians. Harbin District of Shuangcheng City, including 7 immovable cultural relics of the Liaohsi Shenyang campaign staff site, founding General Liu, former residence of the Northeast Democratic coalition of independent regiment, in June 25th Demolition Company was razed to the ruins, a time triggered Public opinion is seething with indignation. Local official response, these relics have been severely damaged irreparable. At present, the destruction of cultural relics of the suspect Moumou has been arrested, often someone was also ordered to be brought to the local police prosecutors approved the arrest. The 7 cultural relics were removed, are important historical sites during the war of liberation. Architect Liang Sicheng said: "the building is the record of culture, is the history, it reflects the pace of the times and pulse", and these relics is the history of "living fossil". Just as the year of the former residence of Liang Lin, which you have been registered as immovable cultural relics, valuable historical relics, was forced to remove a transfer, remove or "contiguous end", it is too absurd too rampant. Article 324th of the criminal law stipulates that the crime of intentional destruction of cultural relics, the crime of intentional damage to scenic spots and historical sites. According to the "high" judicial interpretation, intentional damage to these 7 important cultural relics, behavior belongs to intentionally damage state protected places of historic interest and scenic beauty, if the circumstances are serious, five years imprisonment or criminal detention, or impose a fine gold. A clear judicial interpretation, refusing to implement the administrative departments of the state to stop the infringement of cultural relics administrative decision of intentional damage to cultural relics, shall be given a heavier punishment. The Shuangcheng District Sports Bureau said it had previously notified the Planning Bureau, the housing authority and the demolition office, but also made a list of immovable cultural relics. This is the cultural relics protection system, knowingly violate, provoking national trampling on the law, should be severely punished according to law, its adverse effects on, or even consider the punitive compensation for Demolition Company. As someone’s district government, Planning Bureau, to shed demolition work should also try to supervise the regulatory responsibility, but this did not stop, including those demolitions relevant departments of the state have the right of approval for the cultural relics. Therefore, the chain of responsibility and continue to dig deep space. The "high" "on the handling of criminal cases of impairing the management of cultural relics applicable legal interpretation" clear: the implementation of enterprises, institutions, agencies and other units of intentional damage to cultural relics, should be held criminally responsible organizers, planners and implementers. This is clearly not limited to the arrest of one or two front-line practitioners, who decided to demolitions of cultural relics must be held criminally liable. Such a thing in the people under the eyes of the major cultural relics crime, can not hold high light, Harbin local judicial, discipline inspection departments should make a thorough investigation. It also had Henan "Central Plains first ancient Village Ma Gu Cun of ancient buildings is does the demolitions, are exposed to the grassroots unhistorical work too obvious weakness. Now many grassroots unhistorical department’s lack of strong enforcement tools, not even the independent law enforcement team, and culture and Sports Bureau merged into one, sharing a culture of law enforcement team. A lot of time.相关的主题文章: