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After the fall of Lin Biao Luo Ruiqing: how do I write material readme offended Lin Biao core tip: what is the reason for Luo Ruiqing’s dissatisfaction with Lin Biao? After the fall of Lin Biao, Luo Ruiqing wrote in a material: "so, in what some things, I offended him? Because he always has what disease, often not in Beijing, there are some things I asked the president to do, or the president has any instructions, I arranged the implementation of the. During the cultural revolution, Lin Biao data figure source:, author: Luo pinghan, the original title was: "why is Lin Biao personally carried down the Luo Ruiqing? "In November 10, 1965, the CPC Central Committee alternate Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the office of the director of Yang Shangkun was removed in the central position, the reason is" carrying the central kangaroo detectaphone". Why did Lin Biao beat Luo Ruiqing? Luo Ruiqing himself in a speech in 1978, said: "because Lin Biao wants to pull me in, I do not." Perhaps the coincidence of history, in November 10, 1965, Yao Wenyuan published "on the new historical drama" Hai Rui dismissed from office "on the same day, the CPC Central Committee alternate Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the office of the director of Yang Shangkun was removed in the central position, the name is transferred to the Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, is actually examined in isolation. The reason is "carrying the central kangaroo detectaphone". The so-called eavesdropping device, in fact, is a recorder. Before Mao Zedong’s speech did not live recordings, neither manual records accurately and after finishing the still can not find the basis, the then director of the office of Yang Shangkun very vexed. A talk with foreign guests Mao Zedong imperialism is a paper tiger, the tiger really problem, due to pre arranged recorders, and later in the text into finishing is very accurate, also received praise from Mao Zedong. Since then, the central leaders especially Mao Zedong speech, try to arrange the recording, but sometimes leaders is not so very formal, in front of a microphone also feel uncomfortable, so the staff will spend something like the recorder. This is a matter of fact need, does not exist "kangaroo bug" problem. After the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, Yang Shangkun unjust case review, general office of the CPC Central Committee wrote a review report, approved by the Secretariat of the Central Committee to give thorough rehabilitation. Review report pointed out: "Comrade Yang Shangkun in the office of the original confidential room recording work, never had a conspiracy. In the past, there is no such thing as Comrade Yang Shangkun ‘s alleged mistake on this issue." The frequent activities in Jiang Qing et al in the chamber, the ignition in Shanghai, China has always been good at observing the color of Lin Biao, also believes that the opportunity to start their intrigue, whole, and first targets when he was Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council, the central Military Commission, the secretary general, chief of staff of the PLA. Luo Ruiqing. Lin Biao and Luo Ruiqing long term relationship. Luobilin a year older, but is always superior to Luo Lin. Lin Hong Ren army commander, Ronaldo is his eleventh division. When the army commander of the army, Lin Renhong, director of the army to defend the secretary. After the long march of the Red Army to the north of Shaanxi Province, Lin served as president of the Red Army university. During the war of resistance against Japan and the war of liberation, the two men did not work in one area. 195"相关的主题文章: