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Corrupt officials of the "double life": a talk about the clean side of big money – Beijing set the stage, a set of; people are people, people is the ghost; words, duplicity……" In recent years, with some officials sacked, their "double" and "duplicity" image also will be exposed. Xunzi called "the mouth is good, the body to do evil", "two people" as "national demon". These officials and those greedy officials publicly accepted bribes, they tend to be filled with a good attitude, perhaps in the heart still fancied himself a good government, behind the abundant appearance, hides a crooked heart. It is precisely this "double life", ruin their political future. "Wang Min double corrupt representatives: while talking about clean side of big money in September 30, 2016, Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City Intermediate People’s court pronounced the verdict of the original Shandong Provincial Committee, former Secretary of the Ji’nan Municipal Committee Wang Min bribery case, Wang Min of the accused of taking bribes and sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, confiscation of personal property of two million yuan; Wang Min the proceeds of bribery property shall be recovered and turned over to the state treasury. Wang Min is a typical "double faced"". Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the official website has been published in the case of Wang Min warning recorded, warned the majority of leading cadres, must not be installed with the party two people, playing double faced". Wang Min was at the mouth closed, "clean and" clean "". "A team, especially the party secretary had not clean, there is no play qualification", "a cadre, can grow to the level, is not easy, we are not willing to suffer punishment, he made mistakes, but once made a mistake, who are not disciplined, stood there!" He often in various meetings about integrity, "persuasive" education of cadres. In order to establish their own image, Wang Min wrote in the article, said at the meeting. Speaking with people, "he said resolutely remediation official positions, buying and selling, canvassing bribery and surprise promotion of cadres and other issues; when it comes to corruption, he said" strong momentum to always keep investigating the case, corrupt officials, no matter who is involved, should be investigated in the end, resolutely punish". In December 18, 2014 he was sacked in the morning, the Ji’nan meeting of leading cadres as independent warning education report, stressed that the majority of Party members and cadres must draw lessons from the typical case, do Fawei Jing Ji, compliance observe moments. But in fact, in June 2014, by the Central Party School of the machine, Wang Min sneaked into a Ji’nan Real Estate Company general manager Zhao in Beijing idle away in seeking pleasure club. In the high-pressure situation punish corruption since eighteen, still the convergence does not close hand, discipline violations. In 2005, Wang Min met in Ji’nan general manager of a real estate development company Zhao, and then opened the mutual use of bartering "Errenzhuan" prelude. In the past ten years, in Wang Min’s help, Zhao automatics business, caiyuanguangjin. Based on Zhao provides a lot of convenience, Wang Min their bribes unashamedly, just like the Zhao as their own "pocketbook" and "drawing machine". Zhao Mouze Wang Min "gratitude", successively to the bribery of cash, real estate, celebrity words)相关的主题文章: