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"Father and son" Aarif Lee Mason Mun and his son a bath adorable burst table values Tencent entertainment news recently, after national five point to reflect the good reputation, by the Almighty God Aarif Lee, adorable baby Mason Mun, mixed actress starring Kim Ha Neul, Damian Lau, Lv Zhong, King-Tan Yuen love back the adorable comedy "father and son" very warm "exposure father and son" and "Carnival poster featurette" Zaixian "Adorable warm strength". "Father and son Aarif Lee Mason Mun in bath POSTER" a "bucket", adorable burst table values, and the Carnival features is the whole creative team debut, multinational combination across borders and language about the affection of love. Aarif Lee’s father and son "practice" a "bucket" bath "very happy" tells the story of a father and son because "sperm son" caused across the ocean to find the father story, fans nicknamed "Little Tadpole Looking for dad". The film not only has the lovable social topic and comedy shell, story and theme more down to earth, is a warm smile and tears the adorable comedy. The release of the ultimate poster continued healing adorable warm style, Aarif Lee Mason Mun, the daddy adorable baby barrel bath, warm and lovely, "son" and "energetic dad" bath "paralysis" let people interact and daydream the father and son laugh heart warming without dense feelings. In front of the national point of view, which the father and son file has been highly recognized by the majority of fans. Small teenage boy Mason Mun appeared, will make the audience can not help but praise "so cute", and Aarif Lee "practice" father "embarrassed handsome" also let many women in the audience shouted the handsome and warm. The gold team build sincerity of the serious comedy family moved except "father and son" poster, Chupin also exposed the "Carnival featurette". First Chinese big screen actress Kim Ha Neul admits he started very love this script and the role, and confidently said "this is a successful work". It is understood that, in order to Chinese Kim Ha Neul soared in the film, once the practice to get sick, also admitted that he "immersed in the role, finish this show came out for a long time". And Damian Lau, Lv Zhong, veteran actor King-Tan Yuen joined undoubtedly also for the film considerably. They were playing Zhou Liyan (Aarif Lee ornaments), kindly majesty stubborn father wise grandmother, and Aarif Lee joked "mad aunt", such a strong "logging tired" for the fans gave a very love. According to the director Cao Zhenmo said, "English translation is" father and son is "Making Family", this is a contains the affection, love and friendship in the movie. He said when the fans tired of seeing large commercial effects of the vast heaven scene, this type of film will easily capture everyone’s heart, "" father and son "is a story about a family movie, is about the often overlooked public but it resonated with the theme. I hope this film can make the fans have fun and thinking, so that the common feelings of the people once again touched and felt by the public." The movie "father and son" is the November 4th national release, "Little Tadpole Looking for Dad adorable warm autumn! (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui)相关的主题文章: