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Also pure sports brands do? Do you keep up with your fitness fashion? [attention inflow subscription number, WeChat search: inflow] man Yao Fangqin on Friday evening, a basement in London in the SOHO District, on the DJ command with deafening dance music, audio equipment also played laser, the whole room fire. Sports shoes in a group of 20 years old young man looked very expensive, along with the rhythm of the music scream like yelling, their Nike vest was soaked with sweat…… This is not a nightclub, a boutique gym but in london. A few months ago, if someone told me that he had spent every Friday night at the gym, I would have laughed at him. But now, instead of the gym on Friday night clubbing is really fashionable thing. In the past the gym seems to lose weight had to crustily skin of dry matter, were afraid of meet acquaintances in the gym, now go to the fitness of the body than a good one, who is not in the gym technician circle of friends? At this time, the gym is on a grade, they look like the senior club or spa. Third Space towels are also made with lavender, and their courses are designed to be like a calorie burning party. And Bloc, a gallery like gym. The significance of health has gradually become a status symbol, not only represents the person you have self-control, and you have to have the economic strength, like cars and handbags, we consume them not only because of good quality, it is a way to show off. Those high-end gym, despite the high price of membership fees, or gathered a large number of loyal fans, which is the main driving force to promote the quality of sports and leisure apparel demand. Go to the gym last embarrassing, in part because people are ashamed to be seen wearing the mast ugly T-shirts, wet look embarrassed, but now, everyone wearing a nice fit with automatic dry sportswear is not afraid of going to the gym, or back to the office for lunch. When the gym has become fashionable, stylish personality outfit collocation is not how the line? Some forward-looking sports brand buyers shop have to store at the gym, there are their best customers. In sports fashion website Active Style put in the high-end gym opened the first store, which included the more than and 30 brands, these brands a Leggings price will reach 167 pounds, but they can not Adidas and Nike. Who says sports brand only Adidas and Nike? Popular in North America from a Lululemon yoga studio in Canada by the store started, with follow the fashion design, in a few years there have been from Adidas, Nike and Puma sports products this big three took away a lot of market share. Monreal London, Laain Norma and Kamali in these three or four years ago is very niche sports brand, also entered the public view. Among them, Monreal London with gorgeous colors and a large number of printing by women’s favorite, even Victoria Beckham are people相关的主题文章: