Foreign media Chinese love online shopping mall more and more rely on animal showmanship 高达08ms小队

Foreign media: Chinese love online shopping mall more and more rely on animal showmanship original title: British media said the most sad polar bear China shopping: highlight the plight depends on animal showmanship for 13 days of Pisa (Pizza) held a farewell party (source network) reference news network November 16th British media reported that, due to the living environment is bad known as "the world’s most sad polar bear pizza" (Pizza), small building bid farewell to the life, return to the birthplace of Tianjin. The controversy over the past few months has highlighted the plight of China’s shopping centres. According to the British "Financial Times" website reported on 15 November, China recently appeared in animal, entertainment facilities and children’s playground to attract customers into the shopping malls and department stores trend, pizza encounter is the result of this trend. Although Chinese more and more love online shopping, but thousands of shopping malls and department stores are still going up. Reported that the physical store is not only difficult to deal with the fierce competition of Alibaba and Jingdong and other online retailers, but also have to deal with the impact of a fundamental slowdown in the retail industry. In 2008, the total retail sales of Chinese annual growth rate has more than 20%, but in recent years continued to decline. Chinese official data show that in October this year, total retail sales grew by only 10%. In July this year, a customer in Guangzhou square is the best 3 year old pizza was kept in the museum in the pictures uploaded to the Internet, so the network become red pizza. China’s emerging animal rights and rights protection organization launched a rescue operation, the operation was finally successful – on the weekend, the good side said it would temporarily pizza back to its birthplace in a Ocean Park in North china. Reported that a shopping center in Xi’an, a "miserable turtle" and some other reptiles in the dirty water tank. China has built up too many shopping centers and is struggling to deal with the problem. Shopping centers have to use animals and other means to attract customers. It is estimated that China has 4000 shopping centers, more than the United States, and plans to reach 7000 by 2025. Reported that the China Market Research Group founder ray Hill said, "traffic fell sharply, along with the electronic commerce to shopping center sales plummeted, the shopping center" very panic". "Shops are becoming more and more critical. They used to say, ‘which mall is not the same? Now they must consider how to shopping center business and what other tricks to attract customers." He added: "the mall has begun to introduce more recreational facilities and more food, and is committed to attracting children – with playgrounds, learning centers, and even museums." Release China Academy of Social Sciences, business blue book, Chinese Shopping Center collapse risk accumulation, store closures transfer to the shopping center. This year, Marks & Spencer will also join in — the company said, will be closed a number of stores in order to reverse the fate of China. Source: Reference News Network Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: