Grandma checked cursed traffic opening grandson cycling retrograde criticism grandma (video) 魔界骑士イングリッド

Grandma checked cursed traffic opening grandson cycling retrograde "criticism" more than 7 modern grandma Express News the morning of October 24th, coincided with the morning rush hour, Nanjing Traffic Police Brigade police Liuhe is Tianyi Square intersection on duty, a more than and 50 year old woman riding the electric car with a seven or eight year old boy, reverse driving, traffic police stopped her, she in front of the traffic police swearing, refused to accept the punishment. As a result, her 8 year old grandson said: "grandma, you are wrong." Modern Express reporter learned that day a square adjacent to Guangyi primary school, many parents will take their children to school to ride electric vehicles, motor vehicle retrograde, more generally, after a period of treatment, the majority of parents in accordance with the provisions of the traffic, but few electric vehicle owners for the sake of convenience, the road is still retrograde. At 7:20 on the morning of October 24th, a middle-aged woman with children retrograde, the police immediately waved her parked on the roadside, but the woman quickly turned the car to go, to seize the car tail on the police, the electric car has to dash, the police quickly stopped the car. When the police told the female owner, she violated the traffic regulations, this middle-aged woman burst foul language, the police at " poor crazy, on the road to catch people just fine. " see her emotional, but also carrying a small boy, the police patiently explained to her: according to the road traffic safety law eighty-ninth, non motor vehicle retrograde fine of $20……" However, middle-aged women do not listen, will sit in the back of the car grandson pulled the car, threatening the police if the grandson is late to let the police responsible. See her attitude so bad, standing next to the grandson suddenly opened his mouth: grandma, you do wrong." Originally, before the police had entered the school with brochures conducted publicity in this regard, the children know the retrograde error. See grandson also criticized himself with a police persuasion, finally accepted the middle-aged woman police punishment. Expand Video: nothing to do with the original text. The man cursed traffic violation shouting: my son is loaded in national defense…相关的主题文章: