World of Warcraft 7.1 return to Cara praise national service logo officially announced CG first expo 月丘うさぎ

Warcraft 7.1 "return to Cara like" national costume logo CG officially announced the first exposure of "World of Warcraft" version 7.1: return to Cara like broken Islands War in full swing, handheld warriors artifact and the demons of the Burning Legion fighting. When we are still immersed in the epic adventure Broken Isles surge high and sweep forward, "World of Warcraft" version 7.1: return to Cara Chan opened a mysterious veil, in the new version, game player who not only can return to the legendary copy of Cara Chan, can further understand the story "how to develop the Legion coming", and face new challenges. Let’s take a look at the video, and look at what exciting new content is in "back to Cara". 7.1 of the new artifact did not give a clear answer, but the artifact is to replace the new drop weapons; expect to expand new content. Portable App can not be logged in the portable App and PC side. The login information can be saved, without the need to re login; security mandate applies. Discussed the chat function in the process of development, but still decided to focus on the return of the Legion function, such as the world mission and task occupation hall. The pet battle function were discussed; because the focus is now on the second coming of the Legion, so they are concerned about the use of App game player, if it runs well and will continue to expand function. About two separate applications of the decision is due to the development of the team wants to do a special design of the App’s army. These App may be combined in the future. 7.1 Sulama mounts content will reward a night’s sub topic mounts. The source of long lost Hippogryph reins were also asked, but did not give a detailed answer. Cara has not yet designed to mount the horse, but after the PTR may have a more detailed list of items. No trial requires courage courage trials, but that there is a linkage and Cara. The courage trial plot is the storm fjord fjord new world by storm and strengthen the task. Kalazankalazan has 9 BOSS, almost like a team of 5 copies. Copy CD a week. About Cara praise linkage, you and Khadka against the burning legion. Mission on the eve of the Legion, and Khadka, we get the cultural relics of the Ai Ze Lars, fled the demon infested by the praise of the story is here to renew the. Carla Zambi epic difficulty slightly difficult to provide players with 5 of the upgrade path. The idea of the development team is that you don’t need to play a team copy to get very good equipment. You can always go back to the original Cara praise. New Cara Chan has a separate door. (dialogue possibly upside down (abyss grab in the new service entrance).) Attribute compression has a plan to expand the properties of the compression (there are speculations about both the time and space of dungeons and teams), but the development team is not yet ready to discuss them. The development team is considering the implementation of different attribute compression in the old world, and there are many problems, such as "can the player choose to turn on or off?" "What is the compression range for each region?" Maddie’s Warcraft movie improves the player’s interest in Maddie (such as whether he’s in our world), but the developers don’t have a problem with the problem相关的主题文章: