LA Confidential directed by Curtis · Hansen died at the age of 71 nvidia geforce gt 740m

"LA Confidential" directed by Curtis · Hansen died at the age of 71 Curtis · Hansen "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 20th (author: Duane Byrge, Mike Barnes) won the "LA Confidential" (L.A. Confidential) won the Oscar, and let yourself become the Hollywood A-list director and screenwriter Curtis · Hansen died at the age of 71. Curtis · Hansen also directed many blockbuster, such as the 1992 thriller "the hand that rocks the cradle" (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle), and Eminem starred in the 2002 music movie "8 miles" (8 Mile). According to police in Losangeles, Curtis ·, who died Tuesday at his home in Hollywood hills, stopped breathing when paramedics arrived at the scene on. Curtis · Hansen recently directed the film is the 2012 "surf hero" (Chasing Mavericks), but because of suffering from a disease of the secret, Hansen left in the middle of the film, Michael · Apt took to complete the movie, since Hansen never directed a film. Curtis ·, who had been a skilled technician at the beginning of his career, was also a magazine reporter in the early days of his career at the age of. In the director’s work, he directed Tom · Cruise starred in the teen comedy "losing it" (Losin It), directed by Meryl · in 1994; action film starring Streep "wild river" (The River Wild), directed by Michael · in 2000; Douglas starred in "Wonder Boy" (Wonder Boys, 2005) is directed by Cameron Diaz and Toni · · CO starred in the comedy "klaette stealing heels" (In Her Shoes). In 1987, Curtis · Hansen also directed the bedroom window to pay tribute to the famous director Hitchcock "(The Bedroom Window), the film script is created by him; in 1990 he directed" urban mad love "(Bad Influence). Curtis Hansen worked with Blaine · · Haier grand work together for several months, to get Oscar’s film adaptation of "LA Confidential", he has served as the film’s director and producer won the Oscar nominations, the film is known as the Chinatown since 1974 "(Chinatown) black films since best. This crime film starring Spacey, including Kevin · Russell · crow, Pearce and Kim & · cover;]相关的主题文章: