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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual" to cultivate children, principles and rules are very important, but now most China children were raised as pets, no rules." New Oriental Education and Technology Group Chairman Yu Minhong in October 30th for the first time in Shanghai to talk about family education, elaborated on how he gave the child’s global competitiveness, a new proposition. Admit almost depression Yu Minhong has said that he inherited his father’s generosity, and from the mother learned, firm and indomitable spirit of perseverance, "my parents made me." Because from the countryside into the north, Yu Minhong because of learning Mandarin is not standard, poor families and poor image once depressed mood, "almost have depression", then he tries to read slowly overcome the demons. Teaching is a teacher, but must be educated parents. Yu Minhong firmly believes that the quality of the mother’s child life. In his own personal example and the "chief mother of South Korea," the education of the full star of Dr. methods, it is recommended that mothers should know how to develop themselves, not only the ability to raise children, but also have the ability to guide children. Create a reading environment whenever and wherever possible, only the emergence of a family of scholar talents. "South Korea’s chief mother" hughstar 6 children all trained at Harvard University and the Yale University, and after graduation, as the famous university professor, Dean and the White House assistant health minister and other key positions. Yu Minhong said that Dr. Hui Quan in the study of ancient Chinese culture inspired, there is a saying in China, "Kung Fu outside the poem," the use of her educational methods is the "learning". She trained the children to keep more than and 10 minutes of zero thinking. This powerful static ability, improve the ability to control the brain thinking activity, so that the children in the study focus, improve the learning efficiency greatly, his intelligent play to the extreme, lay a solid foundation for their future success. All benefits star believes that every child is a special individual, have their own unique elements. Parents need to do is to let the child have a strong body, there is a strong learning ability and a strong desire to become a big man. With these three points, gifted children will become a success. Yu Minhong also believes that a good relationship between husband and wife is easy to become an example. Open a child’s mind. A family, even the poor destitute, as long as there is a kindness, diligence, optimism and tidy woman in the restaurant, the family is still a source of spiritual strength and joy church. There is no rule of the "pet parenting" affect the growth of Chinese children in Yu Minhong seems that Chinese parents in the process of educating children, principles and rules do not good. Some parents are not as good as animals, the child is too good to protect." Now a lot of children are raised as pets, no rules". Yu Minhong: no rules, not talent. Parents without principle, painting相关的主题文章: