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In Dingjunshan read Zhu Geliang | Dingjunshan | Zhu Geliang _ Sina News in a Beijing opera called "Dingjunshan", heard a lot of this play, but to Dingjunshan people less, it is located in Sichuan, Hanzhoung, Chengdu area, a year back to Xi’an, I am on the way a trip to dingjunshan. In order to better feel the history, I have to eat a meal in the vicinity of Dingjunshan, went to Ma Chao’s tomb and the tomb of Zhu Geliang, Zhu Geliang finally went to the temple. In this mountain, what impressed me most is that the path along the cliff road. The path along the cliff, is a cliff built along the narrow path, the construction craftsmen will cross into the crevice in the wood, plank and bar. The past from Hanzhoung to Changan through Qinling Mountains, almost all are connected with Sichuan Road, the path along the cliff is when Zhu Geliang battle repair. And in the Three Kingdoms period, in order to walk along the cliff, Zhu Geliang invented the "wooden ox", it is a delicate wooden cart, convenient to use than to pull the car, greatly improving the efficiency of transporting supplies during the war. He only read that "difficult to ‘, but do not know how hard it is, now to go over before we know the dangerous road. There were also some concepts about the transportation and transportation of the three kingdoms. But now we can see the path along the cliff has been incomplete, some were burned, some parts due to the rain and other weather and the nature of corruption. When I was in the past, I had a question in my mind. What is the relationship between Zhu Geliang and the army? Why is he "six Qi Mountain", every time to in Dingjunshan, each time to Dingjunshan? The scene to see, the original Dingjunshan is a military base, but also by a river around there, in addition to the practice of the army, navy and practice. Perhaps it was because of all his career that he was at the beginning of the battle of Mount Zhu Geliang, before he died. Zhu Geliang lived for 54 years, he died in the five original, finally buried in Dingjunshan, someone he planted 54 pine and cypress, amazingly, these trees still alive. After his death, the royal family as he took a Wuhou Temple in Dingjunshan, in recognition of Zhu Geliang’s several awards for my valiant record, left a deep impression on the Han Dynasty: first recognition of his devotion to Zhu Geliang this is leave no stone unturned, in the political and military power on the second for sure; his honest, after the death of Zhu Geliang in the family property are not bury him; then also commended his virtues, his wife legend is ugly, but they have been together, but Zhu Geliang is also good at educating children, we can see a lot of his letters in "Zhu Geliang". However, reading is one thing, to the field to see the deeds and artifacts related to Zhu Geliang is another matter. At that time, Zhu Geliang can help out of the Central Plains and the monarch seized it, it is not easy to see, his mind from his "model" can do one thing: I’m actually impossible. Knowing that it can not be done, can better reflect Zhu Geliang’s dedication to the cause and loyalty to the king. Some people might think that Zhu Geliang didn’t fight相关的主题文章: