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People’s daily sports mission: let more people understand the charm – View – climbing a hand to show the charm of sports, on the one hand to strengthen the relevant training and security, has become the country to carry out mountain climbing and outdoor sports courses at   just this past weekend, Beijing is located in Huairou’s national training base Zhong Qixin, the famous rock climbing athletes to participate in the training of teenagers has fully demonstrated "sport climbing cliffs of the ballet" charm. In fact, competitive rock climbing can become the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, a large extent, thanks to the project by young people like and concern. While climbing in the world is more and more popular in China, but is still a niche project. How to let more people, especially young people to understand the charm of this project, in fact, there is a lot of work to do. Competitive rock climbing became the official event of the Tokyo Olympic Games, for the promotion of rock climbing offers a rare opportunity, of course, so that some of the outstanding athletes have sprouted a new career goals. From the angle of Chinese Mountaineering Association, both from the earliest Alpine adventure "isolated", or later the masses mountaineering and outdoor sports is increasingly prosperous, actually is a product of the development of the times and the needs of society. When sport climbing into the Olympic Games again this kind of rock climbing sport into the public view, how to let more people pay attention to this kind of project, how to let their attention and scientific and rational to participate in this project, rock climbing has become this kind of project to further expand the development space of the realistic subject. In fact, whether climbing or outdoor sports, we must first strengthen the participation of these sports safety awareness and scientific protection. From the current situation of the development of climbing and outdoor sports, can not do a good job of rational participation and scientific protection, it means that the development prospects of the project will be greatly affected. On the one hand to show the charm of sports, on the one hand to strengthen the relevant training and security, has become a compulsory course to carry out mountain climbing and outdoor sports. At present, attention and engaged in mountain climbing and outdoor sports more and more people, this is the embodiment of modern people expect more close to nature, more exercise outdoor survival ability. How to let more young people a correct understanding of mountain climbing and outdoor sports, how to let more young mind, strong physique in the process of positive attention and scientific participation in mountain climbing and outdoor activities, not only has the double effect of exercise, education, but also played an important role in the future development of the project. With the competitive rock climbing into the Olympic Games, I believe there will be more people to understand and like competitive rock climbing. And if it can be done by understanding, like competitive rock climbing, and then truly understand, like the people of mountaineering and outdoor sports, the mountaineering and outdoor sports development is undoubtedly a great positive. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 12 August 23 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Qian and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: