Taihe Xifu compound Huang Qisen and Feng Xiaogang for Yuan will be the occasion 特命战队go busters

Taihe Xifu compound Huang Qisen and Feng Xiaogang because of "courtyard" will be the occasion between men met earlier, and is often a wonderful feeling. As Li Bai saw Meng Haoran, will shout "I love my teacher Meng straight from the heart, energy-saving"; but after Du Fu met Li Bai, also wrote "the enemy into my dream, because I am always thinking of you", "a full of JINGWAH, was falling apart." this verse. Now, one is the literary and art circles of great coffee, one is attached to the real estate sector heavyweights – chairman of the famous director Feng Xiaogang and Huang Qisen thaihot group the cross-border "old gun", will also have a sense of brief encounter? Maybe only two people know. But we all know that Feng Xiaogang is not only willing to give Huang Qisen his platform, will personally call a popular small meat Li Yifeng, invited him to participate in the activities of the CAC – this details not gossip, this is Li Yifeng in the September 3rd CAC – world premiere ceremony Xifu courtyard revealed himself. In September 3rd, the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing, Feng Xiaogang, Li Yifeng and Huang Qisen together off the world’s first "West courtyard Chivas Royal Salute". This is not the first time Feng Xiaogang for the CAC platform. In 2013, Feng Xiaogang had directed the CAC yard line "Promo" yard "Chinese. Feng Xiaogang has publicly criticized the developers "no culture" "no confidence", but why would prefer CAC and Huang Qisen, Freemasonry? Because of the courtyard, the courtyard. Three years ago, Feng Xiaogang has praised the CAC is very confident, "" Beijing Courtel Hotel ", said the name is reflected cultural self-confidence." Three years later, Feng Xiaogang also praised the West will enter a compound "preserves the past compound unique things, also become more modern". Because the yard – Huang Qisen scratch – Feng Xiaogang ‘itch meat. This itch meat, not only residential compound experience comfortable and Oriental Culture Heritage in confidence and innovation. Not only Feng Xiaogang, everyone has their own yard. Huang Qisen, for the sake of Feng Xiaogang to create their own yard. Feng Xiaogang’s memory of the compound, with high walls, the doors closed, self-contained, with their families and cinema, dining room, a swimming pool. CAC – Xifu courtyard also has 5 meters high walls, and the door is 8.8 meters high, 60 meters wide "gate building" – nine days of the home landscape; in this so-called Beijing’s top luxury real estate in the past, the cinema in the courtyard of the upgrade is synchronized with the international private cinema, dining hall, swimming pool, Feng Xiaogang. Also, into a modern private banquet hall and high standard swimming pool in the West courtyard "class" club. Perhaps when Feng Xiaogang think private clinics, Zen tea room etc.. Feng Xiaogang said that the elements of a good house, the first can not be afraid of trouble, second have their own unique temperament. For Huang, what is not afraid of trouble? The main entrance courtyard Xifu build 24 fan copper screen, corresponding to the 24 solar term, and carved the 24 solar term seasonal flowers, meaning the seasonal circulation. What is the unique temperament? Courtyard landscape Xifu highlights the Chinese cultural implication, the scenic spots in Kyushu in a park, individual scenery also has nine days, the Canglang Zhuoying, thousand step bead curtain, Yao Tai 7 days相关的主题文章: