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Foreign media: Nobel prize winners tend to elderly males – Beijing, reference news network October 9 news media said, the Nobel Peace Prize for the first time flower in Columbia. Which country has the most winners in the history of the Nobel prize? According to the "Austria standard" website reported on October 7th, the president of Columbia Juan? Manuel? Because Santos is committed to working with Columbia’s FARC guerrillas of the peace process and won the Nobel peace prize. He is the eighty-eighth man to win this award since 1901. Before him, there were 26 organizations and 16 women who had won the award. Reported that, in addition to the Nobel peace prize, medicine, chemistry, physics and literature winners are also dominated by men. Since the issuance of the first Nobel prize since 115 years, a total of 833 awards for men, 49 for women and 26 for the organization. In absolute terms, the most awards go to the United states. Generally speaking, the western countries led the Nobel prize. This year’s Nobel prize in physics, chemistry and medicine prize winners from France, Japan, the United Kingdom and Holland. The Nobel prize for literature will be presented next week. Reported that Austria was born 17 Nobel prize winners. Recently, a Vienna born Martin? Capra, in 2013 he and Michael? Leavitt and Aryeh? Vachell, shared the Nobel prize in chemistry. But the link between Karplus and Austria is his birthplace: he as a Jewish merchant family doctor and son in the childhood to escape Nazi persecution and fled to Austria, then to study chemistry in the United states. Elfride before him,? Jelinek became the Nobel Committee awarded the peace prize award only women in Austria. Other calculations give Austria 21 Nobel prize winners. Such a calculation is based on nationality or place of work to the winners of a country. Reported that, according to the proportion of the Nobel prize in the proportion of millions of people, Austria in the rankings far. Sweden is the undisputed champion. In addition, the Nobel prize is not an award for young people. The average age of male recipients was 60 years old, and the young women were slightly younger, with an average age of 56.5 years. Reported that, according to the results of the calculation of Broadcasting British Corporation, since the 50s of last century, the age of the winners is growing. One of the main reasons is that the number of scientists has increased a lot in the last few decades. The battle for the Nobel prize has become more intense, and the Nobel Committee has given itself more time to review the work. (compile Nie Litao)  相关的主题文章: