Jilin, Changbai Mountain BMW city ruins found jade and other cultural relics 音羽かなで

Jilin Changbai Mountain BMW city site discovered a new network of cultural relics such as jade books – in September 27th Changchun Xinhua News (reporter Liu Shuo) in Jilin Changbai Mountain archaeologists recently BMW city ruins discovered jade books and other cultural relics, according to the remaining text and other information, two years before the excavation results, experts have further confirmed that the ancient offerings in the mountain Changbai Mountain. BMW city site is located in Antu County, Jilin Province, two town, 50 kilometers north of the main peak of Changbai Mountain. After the excavation of two years ago, the site was built in the main body and use age was confirmed as the Jin dynasty. Based on the excavation of two years ago, Jilin Province cultural relics Archaeological Research Institute, Frontier Archaeology Research Center of Jilin University began to BMW on the central axis of the southern most rammed platform in July this year has been excavated, the excavation area of 1200 square meters. The excavations, architectural relics unearthed inside the ground more white marble texture of jade pieces on the book, "Guichou" "gold" in other words, some characterizations of dragon. It is understood that since the Tang Dynasty, the ancient imperial Fengshan mountain in Taishan jade books, has been unearthed in Tang and Song Dynasties Zen jade books. BMW City archaeological team, Frontier Archaeology Research Center of Jilin University professor Zhao Junjie said, jade books in "gold" word could mean "Daikin", "Guichou" dry cover for the year 1193, which maintains four years mingchang. According to "the history? The book of Rites" records, this year Changbai Mountain Zhangzong canonized "Kaitian Acer sage", unearthed documents and historical data of two matched card, can further know BMW city is the Changbai Mountain Temple of worship. Experts believe that the BMW City Jin Temple site excavations of great significance, is currently outside the central area of our country for the first time through archaeological excavations revealed the remains of the national mountain festival. The discovery is the Frontier Archaeology and a major breakthrough in northern ethnic archaeology, has important value for the study of the Jin Dynasty on the northeast frontier, reflects the Jin Dynasty to the Han culture and absorb the identity and cultural exchanges and interaction between the north and south.相关的主题文章: