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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual although in recent years, the awareness of family education is enhanced, but there are still many parents do not pay attention to family education. Take my people around, and they talk about the child, can understand that they either do not pay attention to family education or not enough attention; or no modern family view or is wrong, the old family view; or simply do not know how to implement family education. Their idea is often expressed as the following: first, the child is too small, education is the last thing that the newly born babies what also do not understand, education too early, which is the lack of awareness of early education. In fact, the child was born, there is a cognitive ability first, 0~3 years old is the key to many ability development, India LangHai enlightenment illustrates the importance of education environment, if this is not the time to give him proper stimulation, does not provide a good environment for the child’s intelligence would not develop fully and effectively. American psychologist Bloom believes that if a person at 17 years of age, the level of intelligence is 100, then he has reached the age of 50 intelligence level of, in the age of 4~8 can develop in the age of 8~17, only between the development of the year of 20. Visible, infant period is the high speed of intellectual development. Without early education awareness of parents, because they do not know how to tap the potential of the child’s brain, will miss the child’s intellectual development golden period, it is a waste of brain resources. Two, straight tree nature dominates this idea, many parents often take an indifferent attitude towards children, left unchecked, the saplings let things drift, long crooked, also difficult to correct, then parents cannot reflect all late, education is no turning back. Because childhood is an important period for the formation of good moral behavior, habits, healthy personality, children have no experience of life, the resolution is poor, weak self-control behavior, behavior control is also very limited, parents need certain constraints and discipline, need to shape the child’s mind, to cultivate children’s emotional health. Many children grow up increasingly exposed a lot of bad behavior, such as the will is not strong, fear of failure, can not stand setbacks and selfish, overbearing and so on are the consequences of this thought. Three, the education of children, many parents think that children learned without teacher is very natural and learned without teacher thing, investment and effort in learning how to become a qualified parents "is ridiculous and unnecessary, and how many inherited from their fathers in some of the traditional concept of education, some parents encountered confusion and troubles in the education of children on the hand, neither others modestly consultation, nor by the book or the media to find the answer, but do not actively seek ways of learning to accept family education" training ", as a result of the long-term problem is not resolved, it is not timely or properly counseling, hindering the healthy growth of children, some even irreparable tragedy. Four, education painting相关的主题文章: