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58 city was traced to the full implementation of 996 work suspected disguised layoffs 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo micro-blog. 58 city was traced to the full implementation of "996" the company responded that JINGWAH does not enforce the times news (reporter Su Ji) yesterday, the online news that 58 city will be the full implementation of the "996" working system (9 to 9 pm, 6 days a week), and without any subsidies. CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city micro-blog employees suspected siege. In this regard, the 58 city responded that the annual 9, October is the peak of the platform business, there will be regular mobilization, but the company will not force everyone to follow the provisions of the "996" to arrange work. Yesterday, online news 58 city will be the full implementation of the 996, and without any subsidies, the company does not have a formal notice in the mail, but 58 city and Ganji staff confirmed. The media yesterday morning to contact a staff of 58 city, the staff said, the leadership of the Department has formally notified, from September onwards, all employees in accordance with the "996" working system to work overtime, and the company will not give any compensation, not including overtime meal, night taxi subsidies. Because there is no official mail issued, but verbal communication, and there is no subsidy and overtime, which was 58 city employees angry against. In the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo micro-blog comments, many suspected 58 city employees have a message for saying. Reporters saw yesterday, yaojinbo micro-blog first content has thousands of comments, the reporter found that almost all look at a few pages and "996". Some users commented that "early 9 late 9 6 days a week to work overtime, without any subsidies off"; there are also users said, "young people need to struggle, but also not so ah"; and "996 users said, in violation of labor laws, disguised layoffs". It is understood that 58 city before there will be individual departments to implement the work of the, such as the sales department, but as now requires all employees to implement the first or 996. Online reports, many people believe that 58 city do not rule out the disguised layoffs of the suspect, hoping to force some employees to resign, thereby saving a lot of money. Yesterday, the 58 city responded to reporters, every year 9, October is the peak stage of platform business flow, in order to deal with the business peak stage, mobilize every year 9, October there will be regular. 58 city also said that the company is not mandatory for all people to work in accordance with the "996" provisions, the company advocates departments continue to improve the ability of management and work efficiency, reasonable arrangement of work, rather than by using the extended working hours "force 996" requirement to management staff. Labor law experts, Beijing Wen Law Firm lawyer Shen Binti said, according to the relevant provisions of the labor law, in the condition of ensuring the health of the workers, to extend the working hours shall not exceed 3 hours a day, no more than 36 hours per month. In the presence of employees overtime overtime, even if the employee is willing to volunteer, the enterprise is still on相关的主题文章: