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The price "bubble": the real estate market in 2017 will focus on the outbreak of the financial risk or – – original title: price "bubble": the real estate market in 2017 will focus on the outbreak or risk of asset bubbles in deposits, and bank loans are also involved in the real estate industry is growing fast. On the one hand, the mortgage business has almost become the absolute main force of bank credit in the plate; on the other hand, in the premise of relatively cautious, Bank of residential project brand enterprises layout in a second tier city is still frequent blood transfusion. Insiders said that the first half of this year, the market hot cover up some of the market risk. But prices bubble risk and high personal mortgage leverage risk is gradually accumulated, the property market once adjusted, may bring no small financial risk. If not promptly resolved, it is expected that such risks are likely to focus on the outbreak in 2017. Mortgage loans into the bank’s main lending sector has been disclosed in the report data from the listed banks, the mortgage business has almost become the absolute main bank lending business. Data show that 18 listed banks as of the end of the first half of this year, individual housing mortgage loans totaled $14 trillion and 120 billion, compared with the end of the year rose nearly 20%. Data show that the first half of the new construction bank personal housing mortgage loans 407 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 14.7% compared to the new mortgage loan, accounts for the proportion of 97%. China Construction Bank Chairman Wang Hongzhang said that the second half will vigorously develop individual housing mortgage loan business, and accelerate the development of housing provident fund loans. CITIC Bank data show that the first half of the housing mortgage loans to go to the end of the growth rate reached 29.4%. CITIC Bank Deputy General Manager Wang Kang said at the press conference to answer the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, CITIC Bank for personal housing mortgage loan business is "priority support, giving priority to the development, but also have certain standards, at the same time to ensure that risk control. "We also have a white list, the first choice of some more reasonable price, supporting the development of a good performance of the higher quality developers; first tier cities, the relatively stable price of real estate." Wang Kang said. Societe Generale Bank loans in the first half of 2016, the new 169 billion 807 million yuan, of which 55.3% from the new personal loans. The second half of the industrial bank will continue to vigorously develop the capital occupation is low, the quality of assets is relatively stable personal housing mortgage loan business." Societe Generale Bank Risk Management Department General Manager Zou Jimin said. In fact, many banks are playing cards to increase the intensity of the mortgage market layout. In Tianjin, for example, the current mortgage business to provide all 16 banks offer preferential interest rates, resulting in the first suite in Tianjin, the average interest rate as low as 4.11%. The mortgage business has become the bank credit sector "xiangbobo" is its inherent reason. Bank chief risk officer Yang Dongping said the economic downward pressure increases, some areas of the real economy will be difficult. Compared with the past, high money supply, high investment, high dynamic model of economic development may be difficult to continue. Therefore, compared to some of the banks are keen to public facilities and policy project, the bank is more optimistic about the personal housing mortgage loan business. From)相关的主题文章: