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Any person called beautiful, as you are – Palau jenny- Sohu tourism she said, any human commendable beauty, as you — fun Palau Jenny warm, yet unassuming. The United States, without a little tacky. On the sea, awe and yearning — when young, in blue island (Taiwan) playing summer work Jenny, a group of friends was thrown into the sea, at that time, do not know the water she was not afraid, but the initiation of awe and yearning for the sea. Air hostesses – rebirth – sea elves when everyone is young, more or less have a dream, but to be able to persevere with a person who is a very small part of the dream. Of course I’m not, Jenny is not. University period, to the outside world, to travel with a vision of Jenny. Chose the short service staff, training, examination, and many times the success of the efforts to become an international line of air attendants. A few years, she flew to many countries, perhaps in the eyes of others, this is a very rare, very good work, able to work around the globe. In fact, so many eyes of the scenery, but no one can really enjoy his beauty, his good experience. For a long time to accumulate, the more the more fly, fly far, Jenny heart of the increasingly inflated. A tattoo, a rebirth — the turtle (that is, longing for the sea and a rebirth in the meaning of life) once, in Sri Lanka to meet the turtles, swim Jenny, harmony first so profound sense of man and nature. Seeing just hatched out of the little turtle in the eyes of the human eye, eyes closed step by step towards the sea. The natural and harmonious, the yearning for freedom and the ocean, deep in the heart of Jenny. Pent up heart, is to break the Palau opportunity ~ stay away for a long journey, a rebirth in the meaning of life. In Jenny’s view, love and honesty, perhaps is the only way to integrate into nature. (she said) in the sea, I am free. A tattoo – yes, evolution of the hardships of life, always to the ordinary people, sometimes bring trouble. As in the past and Jenny people before the warm sunshine, not to infect sadness, just wake up alone, tell yourself (life to keep running, tired, hurt, then exercise, sweat has own unique smell, listen to the pulse and heartbeat, searching under the small, there is such a wonderful world) impermanence, but paid. Jenny soulmate with the loss of hundreds of days, people with smile. Alone, but who are not feeling. She said: at least have a good time. Soulmate left, is his favorite sea, perhaps this is his fate — life and evolution. Message: any human Xiaotun commendable beautiful, as you are – free y相关的主题文章: