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The typhoon owners should avoid damaged car – car Sohu according to the National Meteorological bulletin, super typhoon "Meranti" will be 15 after landing on the coast of Fujian and guangdong. Affected by this, is expected to Fujian coast, Guangdong coast, Hainan and other places in the 14-16 will have a larger wind and rain weather. We hate "Meranti" of the Mid Autumn Festival by at the same time, the owners pay attention, during the typhoon please according to the following method, take good care of your car, avoiding damage. Parked vehicles need to pay attention to the following two points: first, the vehicle parked in the high position, don’t stop to where the water in the underground garage, avoid the night rain struck, alienation is not timely, causing the vehicle to become the "bubble car"; two, to avoid the trees and buildings crowded place, as far as possible to choose open parking position. Under the influence of bad weather, it is easy to cause debris and other debris fall, causing damage to vehicles. During the typhoon as far as possible to reduce car travel, due to the impact of the storm, prone to flooding the road. Encounter flooded roads during the trip, as required by the detection, please understand according to the following steps: first, observe the road along the stone and the surface level of contrast, such as the water has covered the road along the water level, the basic judgment is too deep, not suitable for rush forward; two, please use the depth stick objects such as measuring the water level is higher than or equal to the inlet position of the vehicle in general, the vehicle inlet is about 2/3 of the diameter of the tire; Tips: not in the water surrounding the measurement should be carried out in the water section of the central position, because usually the central sections of water are low-lying, there is a place worthy of consideration. Three, with reference to the front of the vehicle has been safely passed, the identification of the vehicle and the front of the vehicle chassis height and models (modified over the intake and exhaust pipe models except). Through the above points, the basic can determine the depth of water and vehicles can pass. By wading Road, please comply with the following standards: first, closed operation automatic start stop system such as vehicles equipped with automatic start and stop function, in the process of water, please be sure to close. Because once the vehicle stopped, the start stop system will be involved in the work (off the engine), it is likely to make the power system of water intake; then release the brake and start stop system is once again involved in the work (start the engine), once the engine inlet condition will start, due to internal structure lack of lubrication to the engine crankshaft connecting rod fracture deformation serious consequences, must be handled carefully! Two, low high turn by wading Road, should hang into the 12 gear (manual gearbox should be hung in the manual mode, the gear lock in 12 gear, automatic transmission, shift to L) slowly into; maintain speed above 2000 rpm during steady speed, avoid release the accelerator effect of exhaust pipe output pressure, resulting in stagnant water poured into, will hold the vehicle flameout. Tips: by wading Road, if the vehicle flameout phenomenon, do not start again, to avoid the two damage. Three, keep a safe distance with the vehicle in front of.相关的主题文章: