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You can enjoy the Shanghai Shanghai Kelemenli delicacy – Sohu this summer tourism special lasting, where the dark sun do not want to go, then, Ge You became the most fashionable summer lying posture, but lazy bag not restrain a playful heart, find a can eat and drink and enjoy himself. Lai Hotel, in the air conditioning, a perfect life is the most comfortable the lazy. The Equatorial Hotel is located near the Jingan Temple, a very favorable geographical position, standing only a few hundred meters walking distance to the subway, earlier tasted their home for dinner buffet, fresh or very impressive. Although the entire hotel some years, but after last year’s renovation, there is no sense of obsolescence. With the elegant lobby lounge, fresh and quiet room, comprehensive fitness facilities, as well as rich meals more selective, or the hotel can achieve a summer vacation this desire to have a wonderful weekend, is excellent. The check-in is over 12 points, a strong sense of sleep late and get up late night owls hunger, to lay down their luggage straight into the dining room, the 2 floor of the building in Jinfeng? In Cantonese, Shanghai and Shanghai type. Fine? Shanghai the fresh cold dish for assorted cold dishes. Orange Cup river shrimp taste special, orange is sweet to shrimp fusion; the most amazing of course are still expensive black ginseng, after all, is the ultimate fighter, then after three steps, fat rich, fragrant soft waxy, collocation with black and white impressionistic plate; in addition, braised lion head, fried shrimp is delicious dishes recommended; finally a bowl of good color scallion noodles, oil and not greasy, drink a cup of sweet dew collection table. A perfect taste after the experience, back to the rest room. The hotel is located in the extreme room 14 – 15 floor, features a strong sense of the color red, prominent fashion sense, will be more popular with young people, the wall carved more angry, on the window overlooking the bustling city beautiful scenery. Circular wooden desktop, chair, bed cortex light control plate, and a lamp collocation and abstract art of carpet, the top made a clever lob, appear more spacious, completely subvert the old hotel of the old and young look natural. The bed is soft, dry well, sound insulation in place easy to sleep. Minibar rich snacks. Welcome to the rich variety of fruits, big and fresh. Log color bathroom without placing too much, looks clean, spare parts are placed in the cortex and long box glass shelves, hanging behind the door a bathrobe considered very thoughtful, and urge you to lose weight only electronic scales. Hotel control always make every store to look at it, you have the characteristic is its delicacy and "Clement" culture, the top floor of the hotel 27 floor with your porch, cultural heritage Shanghai, has also attracted many artists resident, that you are in the same international tradition is full of artistic sense, two floor the painting, the top of the elevator, and the room is the same shade of artistic elements, the perfect fusion of echoes. Enjoy a hearty three afternoon tea in the attic. British? Macarons, assorted cake, chocolate mousse cake, opera, salmon and salmon with lower smoked egg seeds.相关的主题文章: