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Than Iceland high cold travel, here is more polar bear Biren tourism Sohu Click to play GIF 1.4M Click to play GIF 1.6M about Canada, perhaps you will be the city for having heard it many times multicultural Toronto, hidden around the top of the Vancouver delicacy, full of French style Montreal, Quebec…… Today, Feekr flight home @ explore cloud to recommend a very cold place: Churchill, canada. Yes, it was a small town with the same name as Churchill, the famous British Prime Minister during World War ii. It said the high cold, not only because of the high latitude (latitude 58 degrees), but also because in the subpolar region, perennial cold. According to Churchill meteorology throughout the year only 3 seasons: July, August and winter. When the coldest temperatures can be as low as 30 degrees below zero. Here is a super multi destination: can one see the polar bears, whales, and northern tundra scenery! A small geographical popularity map so that you fill the brain that is what actually, this should be the protagonist of this goods: polar bear & the Churchill Street beluga and in the vicinity of the Churchill train station has a spacious empty about 935 polar bears. The whole town of Churchill’s population but 900 people, can bear more Biren. So there is also the "polar bear capital" (Polar bear capital the world) title. This border town is only two parallel Avenue and several intersecting streets, spacious and empty, if there is a polar bear quietly after also be not at all surprising. There is no business here except for a few small hotels. A large supermarket will supply the town of food and clothing and the necessities of life. Every day the capital of Manitoba Province, Winnipeg and Churchill direct flights only once. The cloud experience, only 72 seats, is very scarce, prices high, meets the polar bear season ticket may be tens of thousands of. If you travel by train to sit two hours a day, 36 hours. Churchill beach tundra. From the point of view of tourism, Churchill can be divided into four seasons: flower season (6-9 months), the white whale season (7-8 months), the polar bear season (10-11 months) and Aurora season (October -3 months). Every year, the most attractive is the white whale and polar bears season season. The summer to this place is mainly directed at the whale to, the fact that Churchill has a "Moby Dick" always "(Beluga whale capital of the world) name. Every year in June, Churchill began to melt the ice on the river, to a large number of beluga 7-8 month along the river south into the litter slightly warmer waters and foraging, so it is the best season of whale. This season also can see the polar bears, they are dormant in the coastline, when the ice melts, not to hunt seals, so only on the line to save energy dormant. Good luck can sometimes find one or two after the death of washed ashore the seals or whales. But most of the time only hungry belly. Wait until the 1 shadow相关的主题文章: