With pearl earrings teach you to do elegant bride wegener肉芽肿

Collocation of pearl earrings to teach you to do the elegant bride lead: pearls beauty, beauty is more tender and touching. Take a look at the collocation rule bride pearl earrings, a Pearl Earring collocation can comply with the following rules, combined with personal preferences, hairstyles, makeup and wedding theme, make wedding bride The brightness dazzles the eyes. (source: Ruili nets) bride Pearl Earring Earrings Collocation: complementary rule (1): the direction of the line line is broad and short feeling, give a person the feeling of a thin, high and thin slash but also enhance the role. So a long paragraph pearl earrings can have the effect of elongated faces more. (2) repeated Jewelry: there is an emphasis on the role, so do not want to emphasize the weakness of the face, do not wear repeated jewelry. For example, face fat, it is not appropriate to wear a lot of circles round earrings or multi round pearl necklace. On the contrary, body shape, small face can choose this style. (3) the height and body proportions: jewelry with your height and body type should have a correct proportion. The so-called right, is the habit of ordinary people and the proportion of love, is just right, not too small or too large proportion. Collocation Pearl Earring Pearl Earrings: how collocation and face (1) pointed pointed type can be called heart-shaped, namely the width of the next tip. Can choose to enhance the width of the lower face accessories, such as you can choose the triangle design of pearl earrings, wearing sharp edged up or slightly elongated upper metal design, below the Pearl slightly larger models. (2) long thin type: Circular collocation structure of a large pearl earrings, which can make the face shorter effect. (3) short round face: if the face should choose to have excellent singing or polished writing, straight Pearl Earrings collocation. Can the election has vertical slender, rod like fine jewelry chain earrings, to face "lengthening" effect. The design of the circle and circle makes the face look more round. The line is obviously angular pearl earrings, you can highlight the cheekbones, reduce the face fat feeling. Pearl Earrings (4) oval: if you have an oval face, really want to congratulate you. This shape is the most perfect, the shape of the pearl earrings will be designed to match, the only thing to note is that it is proportional to the size of your body. If your shape is oval, but a bit too long, round or ring-shaped earrings can make your face to a broad sense. (5) square: the face of a few people is a square, usually with a long strip of the side of the cheek. With round, oval, pearl earrings can help to reduce the [square] feeling; and [V] shaped pearl earrings can make the face look slender, the lower tip. (6) the triangle type: few people are triangular, narrow width, generally choose large pearl earrings with short hair in a corner of the cover the lower jaw design can choose obtriangular to face complementary, so that the overall harmony. Earrings are a must-have jewelry for each bride, a small role allows you to shine the audience, so it is necessary to understand the rules of the Pearl earrings.相关的主题文章: