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Vacation-Rentals Business Travelers and Houston Luxury Hotels Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and each year sees many business people on visits for meetings and transactions staying at luxury hotels in Houston. Many hotels provide both business and pleasure to their guests; business comfort with all the services to help making their official transactions go smoothly like they would in their regular offices and pleasure with the lavish rooms and other amenities available that make it more of a vacation combined with a business trip. The Four Seasons Houston Hotel, conveniently located in the business and financial district, offers their guests a well-equipped business center, airline reservation service, translation and interpretation services, secretarial services, wired or wireless internet access in the hotel meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, computer access, and a multilingual Concierge available 24 hours a day. Presentation supplies are also available, such as PowerPoint presentation access and nametag or badge creation used by meeting attendees. The business center also accepts special requests provided they be given a 24-hour notice. Historic Luxury Hotels in Houston Historic luxury hotels in Houston give their guests a well-balanced mix of great service and amenities and an interesting back-story of how the hotel came to be. An interesting back-story can be a good incentive for a tourist to come stay at a particular hotel. These hotels may have the conveniences a modern hotel has but it has preserved much of the original atmosphere of its bygone era. One establishment that has a lengthy history is the Hotel Icon Houston, erected in 1911 initially as the Union National Bank Building. This Houston landmark was later reinvented at the cost of $35 million into the Hotel Icon. Another example of a historic hotel is the Lancaster Houston, known as the original small luxury hotel and the only one in the city that was built to be a hotel. Green Luxury Hotels in Houston Luxury hotels in Houston have become more aware of their impact on the environment and have taken healthy and green steps to lessen their effect on our natural resources. Many establishments have put into practice paperless work trails through the use of computers and whiteboards in the office, have trained staff to save unused materials for later use, and are disposing of waste properly. The hotel food is supplied by local and organic providers as much as possible, their daily operations are carried out using tools and supplies made from recycled materials, and outside services are provided by those with the same environmental commitment as the hotel. Their gardens and landscapes are maintained using organic fertilizers while commercial pesticides are avoided. Hotels have retrofitted their lighting fixtures with energy efficient ones, installed water saving devices, and regular maintenance is performed to make sure that everything is working properly and there is no faulty equipment. There are some hotels in Houston that have been certified as eco-friendly by environmental organizations and they even have their own people available to make sure that these establishments are consistent in their methods and practices. Houston Luxury Hotels Rated Five Stars People always want to know how many stars a particular hotel has when they deliberate on which to stay in for their holidays or business trips. You will know what to expect in terms of customer service, the amenities, and the price range of a particular hotel when you know how many star ratings it has. When people check in five star luxury hotels in Houston, it is only natural to expect the royal treatment. The hotel personnel are always helpful and considerate; experts at making each guest feel they are well cared for. All inquiries and requests from their guests are given immediate attention, with Concierge and room service available 24 hours a day. Hotel rooms are generous in size, carefully planned and decorated with high-priced furnishings and artworks, and other amenities that answers to their guests every need and comfort. Fine dining is always available at five star hotels, with a number of restaurants offering different cuisines guests can delight in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: