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UnCategorized Cat fur balls (Trichobezoar) is a common condition occurring in cats. The more fur the cat has the more probability that fur balls will be created. Fur balls are normally found in older, overweight, long haired cats that live 24/7 indoors. Cat fur balls can be just a nuisance or they can be severe enough to require medical intervention. How cat fur balls are created: Before you get into the actual steps a cat goes through to create a fur ball try the following: Take a soft bristle hair brush, run it down the back of your cat just once and then lift it off. You will probably find some fur attached to the brush. Get your cat to lick the tender part of your under arm. You will find that it is rough like sandpaper. Have you ever experienced the situation where your child swallowed a coin or something similar. Did not the item go straight through the body and out the other end. A cat does a lot of grooming but normally for a cat to develop fur balls it has to be grooming itself excessively, has some type of skin irritation or it may be constipated. It has been estimated that some cats will groom themselves as much as 10% of the hours it is awake. When a cat grooms itself it will lick itself all over its body. You would be surprised at some of the areas it can reach. As the cat grooms itself the fur sticks to its tongue and then the cat swallows it. Now just like the coin above the fur is not digestible. If the cat has not swallowed too much then the fur just goes through the cats intestines and is expelled. If the cat has swallowed too much fur then it ends up in the form of a matted ball of fur in the stomach or upper intestine which can cause a partial or complete obstruction. Once a fur ball has formed the more fur that the cat swallows the bigger the fur ball gets. This obstruction, if not removed through the normal process,can lead to further medical problems. Reasons why a cat swallows an excessive amount of fur: Might have a skin disease associated with fleas, lice, harvest mites or ticks. Other medical conditions of the skin may cause the cat to groom itself excessively thereby ingesting even more fur which causes more fur balls. Many times an overweight cat that is kept indoors 24/7 may turn into a bored and or stressed cat. A stressed cat might excessively lick itself, pull its fur out in clumps leaving bald and inflamed skin areas. These cats will often swallow large amounts of their fur in a short period of time causing fur balls to develop. You now have a better understanding of how cat fur balls are created. Remember – most cats swallow fur when they groom themselves and do not develop fur balls but for those that do develop fur balls it can be a minor problem or if left unchecked it can develop into a major medical problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: