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Software Apart from running businesses, there are so many people who use their properties as source of secondary income. Renting out properties to individuals or companies can prove to a profitable source of income for you. However, the associated hassles can prove to be rather taxing at times. When you rent properties, whether it is a small house or a large apartment, the required billing, paperwork and tracking cannot be avoided. To evade making mistakes, legal hassles and make profits on consistent basis, you may resort to online rental property applications. Using web based software for managing rental property Gone are those times when using computer based software was the only option for a business owner. You need to deal with licensing for each PC, take back up of data and train staffs for conventional apps. However, the simplicity and flexibility of web based apps has made things so much easier for property owners. These apps reduce need for printouts though you can take printout as and when required. The need to store document locally is not there. Top notch apps also come equipped with database integration and financial transaction handling capabilities. How to select suitable online rental property management applications There are specific applications available that cater to needs of rental property owners. As a user, you need to find out if the app is suited for your specific needs. Ease of use First of all, find out if the application is user friendly and cross browser compatible. This will ensure you can access the UI from any PC using any browser. Such apps need to be used by both landlord and tenants who may not have similar PC setups. A user friendly interface makes things easier for both parties. Look for a web based app that can run flawlessly without any third party plug-in like Java. Scalability Not every landlord has same type and number of properties to offer on rent. If you own a few apartments or houses, using an entry level application is adequate. However, owners of large apartments or commercial establishments offering space to shops and companies require apps that are scalable. With time, you may acquire and lease more properties and the app should be able to accommodate them. Rent Management and reminder The web based property management app shoddily have inbuilt features to remind the users about rent collection dates for individual property. This is especially useful when you have a lot of buildings or houses on rent. It can be in form of email sent to your account or mobile notification. Automated and scheduled backup As you continue renting out new properties or tenants keep changing over time, it becomes necessary to store transaction and client information securely. The software should have features to backup such important information and retrieval facility when required. Security Such an application should have robust security measures for stored data. Besides, it needs to have secure online transactions provisions for accepting client dues. Latest encryption measures and SSL implementation is desirable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: