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30 years take care of 105 year old children have good ears and eyes sense to January 5th this year, Liu master a home for the elderly over 105 years old birthday photo by Yang Lijun 70 year old Liu Ningting Changzhou is an ordinary retired old man. Since his mother died 30 years ago, he took care of the burden of aunt. Now aunt is 105 years old. 30 years of spring, summer, autumn and winter, from the first day of care of aunt, Liu Ningting’s life has not left a moment of gravity aunt. From the age of 40 to the silver haired Liu Ningting conveys deep affection with filial piety. Yang Lijun Ge Xiaolin is his aunt half a son in 1938, Chen Fengwu married, but the marriage is 1 years, her husband died. At that time, her parents had died, childless Chen Fengwu had to take refuge in five. Liu Ningting’s mother. From then on, she lived in Liu Ningting’s house, this is 78 years. Chen Fengwu did not give birth, she will Liu Ningting as their own children, care from a large, but also to himself as a half of the son of Chen Fengwu, Liu Ningting. 30 years ago, Liu Ningting parents have died, the old man on his deathbed told him to take good care of aunt, aunt to thrive. Since then, Liu Ningting husband and wife took care of the burden of aunt. Master Liu aunt will be moved into the bedroom, because the master bedroom daylighting is good, the sun can be drying into the room. On weekdays, Master Liu is responsible for grocery shopping and cooking and other daily life, his wife Zhu Ping every day to help the old lady to clean up the room, the daily cleaning of the couple partner. With 30 years of family filial piety to pass the year before, Mrs. Chen Fengwu fell down and broke his sciatic lay in bed. All day care for the elderly in bed, which was nearly 70 years old Liu master couple, is not an easy thing. But the couple have no complaints, Liu Ningting said, "a man at least have filial piety, our body is still tough, of course, to do more filial piety". Every morning, Master Liu couples will get up and help the old lady to wash and dress, wash diapers, the old man got clean; the old lady can not eat hard things, Liu master will cut the meat at the end, Bianzhuohuayang commissioning of various nutrients, mouth smiled and gave her food; every hour the couple, but also for the old lady to stand up, as long as the old lady massage; at night there is movement, the couple always get up to take care of; if the old lady cold have a fever, the couple will take turns with her, the whole night sleep sleep is not practical…… Master Liu love point Huahuacaocao, the old lady’s room flowers continuously throughout the year. The old lady love to Wuxi opera, Shaoxing opera, Zhu aunt bought the recorder, recording a variety of music section, so that the old lady can hear the love drama, Zhu aunt will sing a few words, the old lady amused laugh. Master Liu said that before his biggest wish is to hope that the aunt can live long, healthy, do a hundred years old. Under the care of his husband and wife, this wish was realized 5 years ago. Today, the old lady is 105 years old, still have good ears and eyes. Liu master is pleased that, under their influence, the son of his daughter-in-law and grandson are very filial"相关的主题文章: